New Mexico Gives Every Teacher $100 for School Supplies

September 20, 2015 - School Supplies


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Guest post by Ross Brenneman. This post originally appeared on a Teaching Now blog.

Every year, teachers spend hundreds of dollars of their possess money on propagandize supplies. As an try to lessen a determined problem, New Mexico’s Department of Education will benefaction some 23,000 teachers with $100 Visa prepaid cards for use on classroom materials.

The present label allotments branch from a pull by Gov. Susana Martinez (pictured above), and income for them was enclosed in a many new state budget.

Only, as a Associated Press reports, during slightest one internal teachers’ union, a Albuquerque Teachers Federation, sees a cards as a distraction lobbed out by a state:

The kinship isn’t holding an central position on a cards, though kinship leaders are enlivening teachers to send Gov. Susana Martinez a sealed postcard dogmatic “$100 will not buy my silence” while educators criticism a state’s new clergyman research system.

“Receiving this VISA card is not a ‘privilege’ as settled in a New Mexico Teacher’s Classroom Supply Agreement; rather, it is an insult to all educators,” the postcard reads.

More importantly, teachers contend a agreement they have to pointer to get a cards puts their licenses in danger if an out-of-state executive concludes their purchases violate a agreement, kinship officials said.

This has been a moving week between a ATF and several levels of government; on Wednesday, they only managed to strech an accord with their district per clergyman contracts.

As to a union’s indicate about clergyman licenses being in jeopardy: The lengthy module rules look designed to stop any kind of rascal from happening. And according to a module rules, a some-more expected punishment for impropriety is suspension from a module and a requirement to repay any unaccounted-for funds.

The module is complicated on bureaucracy, though: The label merger and support manners are flattering extensive, and while they don’t bar phone or online purchases (a dollar on Amazon mostly goes serve than a dollar during a internal brick-and-mortar shop), a process for such shopping is annoying. So yes: There’s a good understanding of red tape.

At a same time: 100 bucks!

Then again: There are substantially a lot of relatives who would like $100 to put toward propagandize reserve for their children, too.

Image: New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez speaks during a press discussion progressing this month in Albuquerque, N.M. Credit: Russell Contreras/AP

More on appropriation for propagandize supplies:

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