New Life Covenant Church Hopefest provides propagandize supplies, support

August 2, 2016 - School Supplies

Rosalind Lee kept an eye out for her 5 grandchildren, interlude a review in a center of New Life Covenant Church’s lawn, to count.

“One, two, where’s Jason?” she asked, looking out in a crowd. Her grandson was fast located a few feet divided nearby one of a games during a church’s Hopefest 2016 in Elgin.

The Elgin lady is a stay during home grandmother who is lifting her late son’s 3 immature children and assisting her daughter lift her dual children. Lee’s son, Marlon Lee Sr., was shot in Sep 2012. He had worked for CeaseFire, an anti-violence module in Chicago, though was laid off a year before his death, she said.

New Life Covenant’s Hopefest helped out a family with new backpacks filled with propagandize reserve for any child. Families were also means to get haircuts for children, medical shots, a bag of groceries and learn about resources and other services from sponsors.