Nearly $25K in propagandize reserve collected for Washtenaw homeless students

September 29, 2016 - School Supplies

ANN ARBOR, MI – Nearly 400 backpacks filled with propagandize reserve have already been distributed to internal students who are homeless this propagandize year interjection to a community’s generosity.

The equipment were collected by a four-week-long propagandize supply expostulate orderly by The Education Project for Homeless Youth, with support from MLive and The Ann Arbor News.

In all, a expostulate brought in scarcely $25,000 value of supplies, present cards and money that will be used by The Education Project to assistance internal schools accommodate a needs of their homeless students. Approximately 500 backpacks were filled with propagandize supplies, 400 of that have already been given to students.

“The response has been overwhelming,” pronounced Sarah Hierman, grants manager for a Washtenaw Intermediate School District, that oversees The Education Project. “We’ve had such extensive support for a students. We’re so beholden for a resources we’ve been means to yield for them as they start a new propagandize year.”

Hierman estimates Washtenaw County schools teach about 1,200 homeless students, who might be vital in shelters, cars, parks or doubled adult with other family members or friends. The Education Project connects families experiencing homelessness with internal resources that can assistance them find some-more fast housing and yield financial assistance.

Through a partnership with a Ozone House,The Education Project also is operative to offer some-more extensive box government services for students.

Dr. Mark Chappell-Lakin motionless to approach a propagandize supply expostulate he already hold in his chiropractic practice, Live Well Chiropractic Center, to advantage The Education Project this year.

“I only suspicion that would be a good use,” Chappell-Lakin pronounced while dropping off dual dozen backpacks during a MLive bureau one day.

He belongs to a chiropractic organisation that supports a nonprofit classification that works with Native American youth, that desirous him to find ways to assistance Ann Arbor children too.

Chappel-Lakin’s children attend Ann Arbor Open School, and for a past few years he’s waived fees for new patients who present propagandize supplies, and afterwards he distributes a equipment to internal schools. This year, he brought his donations to The Education Project.

“It’s a fun approach for me to inspire people to come in for an initial appointment,” Chappel-Lakin said.

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