NBC Connecticut Viewers Stuff 500 Backpacks with School Supplies for Hartford …

September 8, 2014 - School Supplies

NBC Connecticut interjection all a donors and volunteers to a sixth annual propagandize supply drive!
Our group can proudly contend it exceeded a idea of 500 backpacks pressed with pencils, rulers and notebooks kids need to be good students.

The devise was to fill a Connecticut Fastrak train with all a supplies, a lot of complicated lifting for volunteers from organizations including Target, The Boys and Girls Club of Hartford, The Urban League of Greater Hartford, NBC Connecticut and Travelers Insurance.

“Education is a series one concentration area, and we only wish to make certain that a students are prepared for a propagandize year,”  Rita Ortiz, Travelers Director of Community Relations, said

NBC Connecticut and a partners had been collecting propagandize reserve for weeks, culminating currently with this dump off during a New Britain Target.  A final notation concession of several dozen boxes of reserve by an unknown donor gave a good final notation boost. 

“When we consider about behind to propagandize creation certain academically a kids are all on a same personification margin so to speak, this helps all kids,” Sam Gray, a CEO of a Boys and Girls Club of Hartford, said.

Many of a backpacks full of propagandize reserve were given out Saturday afternoon during an Urban League of Greater Hartford event.  And a students were thrilled. 

“I got paper, binders, folders, notebooks,” Nicole Wolyniec, a internal 8th grader, said.

The rest of a backpacks will be delivered to students during a Asian Studies Academy during a Bellizzi School in Hartford subsequent week.

source ⦿ http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/NBC-Connecticut-Stuffs-500-Backpacks-with-School-Supplies-for-Hartford-Students-274225281.html

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