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August 18, 2015 - School Supplies

In a quarrelsome assembly that stretched past a 3-hour symbol Monday night, a Muscogee County School Board deserted a offer to compensate any primogenitor or defender $30 per child as a payment for a squeeze of propagandize supplies.

District 8 deputy Frank Myers, who done a request, and District 2 deputy John Thomas were a sole supporters in a 2-7 vote.

Such a payment would volume to an estimated $960,000 cost to a district, that has approximately 32,000 students. Board clamp president Pat Hugley Green of District 1 and District 7 deputy Shannon Smallman pronounced they spent extremely reduction to supply their children. Myers pronounced he formed a figure on a reserve he bought from a school’s list.

“I wish to give something behind to a families, a people who we indeed serve,” Myers said. “This $30 is not some enchanting number. … we went to Walmart and we finished adult during Office Max, and it was $33 and change, and we have my receipts. And I’m cheap; we didn’t buy a nicest stuff.”

Myers remarkable a house renewed a 1 percent Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax and declined to hurl behind a millage rate so it could advantage from an boost in a digest. He also argued that if a district has $3.5 million to spend on consulting fees to assistance turnaround a 10 MCSD schools on a state’s unwell list, that superintendent David Lewis has mentioned as a probability though hasn’t rigourously recommended, afterwards a district should have a income to compensate for propagandize supplies.

“This is something that will not usually buy us some goodwill in a village – and, by a way, I’m not adult for re-election subsequent year – though it will make certain all these kids not usually have a reserve they need,” Myers said, “but it will make certain to take some vigour off these teachers who have year after year bought all this things for these kids.”

Smallman said, “We could be spending that income in other areas that indeed will assistance a students. The miss of first-day propagandize reserve isn’t going to means we to eternally fail.”

Kia Chambers, a nine-member board’s sole county-wide representative, asserted that a cost of Myers’ offer would be some-more than a reimbursement, deliberation a time and responsibility it would take to mail checks to that many folks.

Cantrell wondered aloud either a district subsequent year could appeal propagandize supply vendors to bid on an altogether cost per child for all on a list.

Green pronounced “countless organizations and individuals” give divided giveaway propagandize supplies, and if a district reimburses relatives and guardians, “Where do we stop? What about a teachers, who spend hundreds and thousands of dollars environment adult their classrooms and providing resources for children who don’t move reserve for whatever reason?”

Thomas countered that Myers’ offer is a “philosophical stance, that a propagandize district should yield simple reserve for students.”


In other action, a house unanimously authorized a following promotions:

  • Victoria Thomas from informal career, technical and adult preparation administrator to CTAE director.
  • Lorrie Watt from Clubview Elementary School principal to executive executive of curriculum.
  • Tim Smith from Blanchard Elementary School principal to executive executive of sovereign grants.

The house also unanimously authorized a following process revisions to approve with state law:

  • Expanded a clarification of bullying to embody acts involving electronic communication.
  • Required all approved crew to accept annual training on self-murder recognition and prevention.

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