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June 8, 2016 - School Supplies

Posted: Wednesday, Jun 8, 2016 12:15 am

Multicultural bar collects propagandize reserve for Guatemala

By Rachel George / World-Herald News Service

The Omaha World-Herald

G. Stanley Hall Elementary School’s Multicultural Club will make a disproportion in a lives of some Central American students this summer.

Club unite Michelle Woodward is going to Guatemala in July. She had a thought of holding reserve to a students she would be helping.

“They always ask for propagandize reserve since where they’re during they don’t unequivocally have them,” she said. “They’re 7 hours divided from a store.”

Woodward collected photos and souvenirs from her 3 prior trips to Guatemala and presented information on a nation and enlightenment to a multicultural bar students.

“The kids were unequivocally meddlesome in wanting to do a propagandize supply drive,” she said.

Club members got to work, doing all on their own, from creation posters and swelling a news, to going classroom-to-classroom to collect donations.

From mid-April to May 17, students collected 197 supplies.

Classes via a propagandize competed to collect a many reserve and a tip classes were rewarded with string candy on May 20. 

Woodward will transport to Guatemala in Jul and will discharge a propagandize reserve during a Guatemalan institution while she is there.

The members who helped are: Chloe Andanski, Mariah Anthis, Emily Brukow, Caroline Carrico, Kaitlyn Frank, Teagan Frank, Morgan Johnson, Alysha Manning, Nathaniel Manning, Kara Norman, Aagya Sapkota, Mia Alexandar, Liberty Driggs, Natalya Goering, Thor Hunzkier, Wyatt Kirk, Anthony Luna, Jayden Mecseji, Taylor Neal, Anh Nguyen, James Rasser, Isabell Zeller, Kei’Mari Martin, Ivy Giessinger, Madison English, Skye Clary and Adrian Solorio.

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