Money Matters: Back-to-School Supplies Burning Hole in Parents’ Pockets

May 22, 2015 - School Supplies

COIMBATORE:With a summer vacations sketch to a close, relatives have a vast charge to do before their kids go behind to school: selling for propagandize supplies. From propagandize bags to uniforms to boots and stationery, a back-to-school materials are going to bake a hole in their pockets.

Most relatives who were scouring a markets and malls in a city, complained that a prices of reserve have left adult by during slightest Rs 1,000 this year.

Jagannathan, a private organisation employee, who went to a supermarket in a city mall pronounced that he will have to bombard out some-more than Rs 3000 to buy all a reserve his daughter needs. Last year, he claimed to have paid about Rs 2,500. “The cosmetic tote that was sole for Rs 50 final year now costs Rs 65. Good peculiarity notebooks are labelled during Rs 25 (small size) and Rs 40 (large size). The cost of boots have left adult by Rs 100 to Rs 150,” he told Express.

Thamizhselvi who was looking to buy a schoolbag and other stationery for her son during a emporium on Cross Cut Road, Gandhipuram pronounced bags have turn most costlier. “Last year we paid Rs 500 for a bag though this time it costs Rs 650. Stationery equipment like pencil boxes have left adult by during slightest Rs 10. Shoes cost Rs 295 while final year it was usually Rs 200. we had spent about Rs 3,000 final time, though this time we paid Rs 4,000.” While many private schools give books and notebooks to a students, a few of them discharge a reserve as well, and a cost is charged with a initial tenure fee.

Rajendran, a businessman whose son is a category VI tyro pronounced that a propagandize price has also been hiked by scarcely 13 per cent this year.

Shop owners however say that there has been usually a extrinsic boost in prices this year and that too in few articles. “There has been a 10 per cent boost in a rates of boots when compared to final year. But we offer 20 per cent during a propagandize reopening deteriorate each year,” pronounced Mohammed, a store in-charge during Raja Street. Murali, a store manager of a super marketplace pronounced they offer all propagandize reserve for a bonus starting from 5 per cent. “We sell even stationery during ignored prices,” he added.

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