Mom in viral Target video: Stop griping about propagandize reserve …

August 30, 2017 - School Supplies

It’s a time of year when relatives can be found erratic a aisles of big-box stores with prolonged lists of propagandize reserve in hand, loading carts with pre-sharpened #2 pencils, Expo markers, boxes of tissues, and 8 bazillion glue sticks. It all adds adult flattering quickly.

But we won’t find comedian and mom of 3 Dena Blizzard angry about a cost of propagandize supplies. In a mega-viral video on Facebook with over 40 million total views and hundreds of thousands of likes and shares, Blizzard took her assembly with her on a back-to-school selling outing to Target, dogmatic that she would buy teachers anything they wish since they have a daunting charge of training her children for 9 months — and that means she doesn’t have to do it herself.

“I’ve been seeing lately, when people are doing their behind to propagandize shopping, everybody’s complaining,” Blizzard says as she pushes her transport by a store. “And my thing is… Listen. It’s a finish of August. we will give we anything to take my kids. I’ll get we a yellow folder or get we a red binder.”

Blizzard even throws a x-ray and some luggage in her transport — “You wish some luggage? You going somewhere? Want Spring Break, teacher? I’m gonna get we some luggage,” she says.

The humorous mom went on to contend she has listened relatives complaining about shopping Kleenex or pencils for their children’s classes. “You can’t give that clergyman some Kleenex?” she asks. “These teachers have been creation skeleton to learn your kids, and we protest about some pencils?!”

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Blizzard told TODAY Parents that she was desirous to make a video since of her personal experiences. “My sister Nicole DelGaudio is a 5th class clergyman during Thoroughgood Elementary in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and we see how tough she works for her students and her possess kids. It’s not easy,” she said. “When we listened relatives complaining, it only done me so mad.”

Because her youngest child has some training disabilities, Blizzard pronounced she values teachers even more. “I work so tough with my daughter to figure out her pleasing and poetic brain, so anyone that is peaceful to assistance me do that is my hero,” she said. “I’ll get them whatever they need. We are partners in educating my kids.”

Dena Blizzard

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This is not a initial time Blizzard has left viral. Last summer, a mom from Mooresville, New Jersey, done a satire of Pokemon Go for moms, “Chardonnay Go,” that widespread opposite a internet. She also hosts a weekly Facebook live uncover on Tuesday evenings called “Tipsy Tuesday.” “We laugh, we splash wine, and we don’t wear a bras,” she told TODAY Parents. “I adore creation moms and women laugh. Life isn’t easy, so we do my best to assistance make people laugh.”

But yet her propagandize reserve video is creation people giggle too, Blizzard had a bigger idea when she done it: honoring teachers. “It indispensable to be said,” she said. “I’ve gotten so many emails from people saying, ‘I’ve never unequivocally suspicion about it that way… I’m going to buy some-more pencils!'”

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