Milan Gets School Supplies

November 4, 2016 - School Supplies



The members of a American Legion Auxiliary Unit 60 acted for a print with Milan Elementary staff and their $300 value of propagandize reserve concession on Tuesday morning, Oct 18, 2016. The concession was due to a efforts of a ALA and Domino’s manager, Pamela Bessey in Grants. (From left to right:) Kyla Baca, Milan Elementary Secretary Vivian Brumbelow, Synthia Poncho, Milan Elementary Secretary Melissa Gallegos, Milan Elementary Principal Clara DeArmond, Sandy Allen, ALA Unit 60 President Consuela Zamora, and Cathy King.

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Milan Gets School Supplies

By Dana Martinez

Cibola Beacon


CIBOLA COUNTY – Milan Elementary School perceived a pleasing warn on Tuesday morning, Oct 18. The internal American Legion Auxiliary Unit 60 of Milan partnered with Domino’s in Grants to move many indispensable propagandize reserve to Milan Elementary.

The Auxiliary Unit, that has around 50 members, came together in hopes of thanking a teachers and staff of Milan Elementary for all that they do. They collected propagandize reserve and income donations over August, Sep and early Oct for a school. Domino’s aided them in providing a venue to collect a donations. They also offering discounts on pizza orders if people brought in a propagandize supply object when they ordered.

In a matter from a Auxiliary Unit, they said, “It’s no tip that a teachers and propagandize staff of Milan Elementary spend many of their possess income to safeguard a preparation of a students. We did this in hopes of thanking these overworked people and to inspire them to continue to put their students first.” The Manager of Domino’s, Pamela Bessey, said, “We motionless to assistance since it was a good village overdo eventuality and together we could do improved than on a own.”

In all a dual groups lifted $300 value of propagandize reserve to give to a school. Principal Clara DeArmond said, “ We unequivocally conclude a support for a students, we’re beholden they’re means to do this for us.” When asked if there was a sold time of year when schools need some-more reserve she replied that it is an ongoing need though that many classrooms need uninformed reserve around Dec and January.

The American Legion Auxiliary is dedicated to assisting schools, children and communities. They settled they are a world’s largest women’s nationalistic use organization. Their other activities embody a distributing Blue Star Banners. The ALA website stated, “It’s an American tradition to arrangement a Blue Star Service Banner in a window of a home when a desired one is proudly portion in a U.S. Armed Forces, it is a sign that fight touches each neighborhood.” ALA Unit 60 President Consuela Zamora pronounced that a banners can be purchased and displayed to uncover support, or they are presented to internal families of use members.

The subsequent activity for ALA Unit 60 is their annual Trunk-or-Treat Halloween eventuality on Oct 29. Participants park their vehicles and palm out candy from their trunks. They emphasized that participants do not have to be veterans or associated to use members to attend in a event. Zamora said, “We wish to get as many vehicles as we can.” For those that wish to assistance though can’t attend Zamora combined they would acquire a concession of candy to distribute.


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Friday, Nov 4, 2016 10:57 am.

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