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May 11, 2017 - School Supplies

METHUEN — For many facile and center propagandize students, their biggest regard is how fast summer mangle is coming or how most task there is to get finished before ball practice. But for some, those concerns can be overshadowed by a some-more simple worry: how to finish a category plan for that they can’t means a supplies.

Four students during a Timony Grammar School quieted those concerns Wednesday when they strictly non-stop a Debbie’s Treasure Chest propagandize store. The “store” takes a form of 9 drawers in a third-grade teacher’s classroom where students can collect required propagandize supplies. There is no assign for a supplies.

The store  is a bend of a internal nonprofit that provides simple necessities like clothes, books and hygiene products to impecunious children.

“I like assisting people … given infrequently we see people in a center of a year that won’t have another cover … now they won’t have to onslaught for a rest of a year,” pronounced Tayah Gourley, 14, one of a students who helped to classify a store. 

Debbie’s Treasure Chest began about 10 years ago when 3 adopted children — Maxine and Talia Harvey, now 21 and 17, and their crony Anna McCabe — sought a approach to give behind to their community, generally children who had not been as advantageous as they. McCabe has given changed on, though Maxine and Talia, along with their mother, Linda, are still instrumental in a operations of a flourishing nonprofit that has served some-more than 2,000 families.

The 3 Harvey women were among a tiny throng during a Timony on Wednesday afternoon, where 4 stream Timony students — Gourley, Amanda DiNatale, 13, and Sophia Barchard and Samantha Kendall, both 12 — denounced a propagandize store. The plan was finished wholly by a students, who are members of a SPS care program, a coterie of Debbie’s Treasure Chest that recruits center propagandize students to actively proffer in a community.

“You set a bar and a kids will burst over it, and this is proof,” Linda Harvey pronounced during Wednesday’s unveiling. 

To batch a store, a students were given some reserve from Debbie’s Treasure Chest to get off a ground. They followed adult by fundraising and collecting donations from internal businesses, and worked on their possess to secure a accede and support they indispensable from Superintendent Judith Scannell, their teachers, and a community.

“They learn independence, they learn a certain consequences of doing good things for other people,” Scannell said. “That unstinting trait only unequivocally develops and it only snowballs into other people stepping adult to a plate, operative with them, care skills over a top, and a open vocalization skills.”

The Timony is a second of Methuen’s 4 abbreviation schools to have such a store; a initial non-stop during a Tenney in September. Talia Harvey’s idea is to get a store in any Methuen abbreviation propagandize before she graduates from Methuen High School subsequent year.

“We wish to be means to strech everybody all over a district, so if we have it in all 4 open schools it’ll be easier to make certain we’re reaching all those kids,” Talia said. “You wish your concentration to be on what you’re doing in school, not on if we can means to get all a reserve we need.”

Linda combined that a SPS care program’s recruitment of center propagandize students will keep a nonprofit “sustainable” after Talia graduates and leaves for college like Maxine did 3 years ago.

“I adore meaningful that me being in this is means to assistance people get what they can’t afford,” pronounced Chloe Howell, a seventh grader during a Tenney who helped to classify that school’s Debbie’s Treasure Chest store. 

Barchard, one of a Timony students who will continue to manage a store subsequent year, explained utterly simply what it is that’s so rewarding about volunteering:

“I like a fact that we’re assisting people and it’s working,” she said.

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