McAuley students and staff send reserve to Tanzania

December 20, 2015 - School Supplies

Students and staff during Catherine McAuley High School spent Saturday morning loading adult reserve to send to Tanzania. 

Inspired by a use outing to Tanzania final April, a propagandize collected a far-reaching operation of equipment over 6 months to send to a school, a sanatorium and an institution in a African country.

On Saturday, members of a village installed adult all that was collected into a 40-foot container, that will be shipped overseas. 

“They are going to be overwhelmed, we think”, pronounced Eva Mazur, a tyro during McAuley. “They don’t have anything over there, and this is going to be so big, so huge, and it’s going to be really important.”

Mai Mangin, another tyro during McAuley, said, “They call us a me era though we consider we are also able of care and being open-minded.”

Some of a equipment collected enclosed propagandize supplies, medical supplies, furniture, clothes, toys and grant funds.

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