Markham students send propagandize reserve to Kashechewan evacuees

December 23, 2014 - School Supplies

A present from a south for Kashechewan kids5:42

Children who were evacuated from a village on a James Bay Coast in Ontario’s distant north are removing most indispensable support after their homes were flooded.

About 100 Kashechewan students are vital in a city of Kapuskasing, several hundred kilometres from home, while their homes are repaired.

Students from dual facile schools in Markham, Ont., motionless to send school haven to a students from Kashechewan after conference about their situation.

Boxwood Public School and Wismer Public School are promulgation backpacks full of propagandize supplies to a evacuees this week.

“They’ve apparently complicated Malala, Craig Kielburger, and they’re doing this good work internationally station adult for preparation around a world. I consider a students felt compelled to do something about a inclination in preparation here too,” said Cindy Sisti, a clergyman and librarian during Wismer Public School.

Boxwood Public School clergyman Libby St-Jean says any bag includes an moving note, that might be some-more appreciated than a pencils and paper.

Note of encouragement

Students from Wismer Public School in Markham are one of dual schools promulgation haven and records of support to replaced Kashechewan students. (Olivia Stefanovich/CBC)

“They wrote letters and a lot of a letters pronounced things like, we know ,’We’ve got your back. We’re on your side.”

Arvind Arulraj, a Grade 6 tyro during Boxwood Public School, pronounced students “want to make allies with a kids in Kashechewan. We only don’t wish to do something good and get it over with.”

Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus is assisting to prepare a smoothness of a backpacks. He said the gesticulate symbolizes a start of a transforming change for a replaced students.

“We wish a same standards that kids in Timmins or  Sudbury have,” he said.

Angus said the students vital on a haven in Kashechewan will accept propagandize haven too. He is working with a non-profit organisation called True North Aid to dump off donations in a new year.

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