Marion PD Donates School Supplies

August 10, 2015 - School Supplies

The Town of Marion Police Department collected propagandize haven and income from around a Marion village to present to Northeast Lauderdale Middle School.

Lauderdale County, Miss. School is behind in full pitch during Northeast Lauderdale Middle School. On Monday a propagandize perceived a concession to assistance with educating students. The Town of Marion Police dialect donated propagandize equipment collected from a Marion community.

“There is a need in a village for propagandize supplies. We know income is parsimonious for everybody, even a propagandize systems. So we only wish to put something behind into a village and we are in a position to get out and to get these haven for a kids,” explained Marion Police Chief Randall Davis.

From cover paper to pencils and pens, makers, backpacks, paper towels, income for lockers, pencil keepers, binders and more, Davis says a dialect understands a significance in assisting a schools that offer a community.

“At Marion Police we are a community’s police. And we go out and we see what is going on in a village and we have to be here for a community. As we know a kids are a future, so that is what we have to do, only to continue to make things work for them,” pronounced Davis.

In further to a Marion P.D., donations for a propagandize equipment came from internal businesses and village members, as good as NAS Meridian.

“As active avocation haven members adult during a navy base, it is only genuine special for us to come assistance out in something like this,” explained moody instructor, Lt. Joe Burns.

With goals to say good educational standards for a new propagandize year during Northeast Middle School, these new haven will assistance a propagandize continue in providing a peculiarity preparation for a destiny leaders.

“We have good kids, good staff. We have a smashing village that supports us. We are intensely beholden for everybody and a partial they play and a purpose they take in holding caring of a children. And what happened currently is an instance of a village holding caring of their children, so we are intensely vehement and grateful,” pronounced principal Tim Moore.

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