Man donates reserve to CF school

February 26, 2015 - School Supplies

CEDAR FALLS| Kurt Cagley has been donating to North Cedar Elementary School for several years now.

“We are really beholden when a village member creates a concession to a school,” pronounced North Cedar Principal Jennifer Hartman. “It’s really useful for a kids.”

Cagley recently forsaken off a new collection of reserve in a wish that by doing so, he will enthuse others to give to a propagandize as well

“We can speak about giving and ancillary a community,” Cagley said, “but if we don’t uncover it, are a kids going to learn?”

Cagley is a encourage primogenitor of 4 teenage boys and a 12 year worker of Target.

“Target has a clever truth of giving behind to a community,” Cagley said. “It’s a good compare for me, my personal truth with a truth of my work.”

In a final few weeks, Cagley has brought 30 backpacks, 15 lunchboxes, 128 dry erase boards, along with a preference of jaunty gear, including ball bats, mitts and cleats to North Cedar Elementary. In total, his many new concession clocked in during about 360 items.

“It’s a approach to lighten adult a child’s life,” Cagley said. “To me a grin is value a million dollars.”

It customarily takes Cagley 60 to 90 days to amass a transport of that size. According to him, a sell value of all a equipment he donated comes to about $1,500, though he got it all for about $300. His 10 percent worker bonus during Target helps.

“I’m a really zealous clearway shopper,” Cagley said. “I watch things, wait for a cost to go down.”

Cagley is constantly purchasing all kinds of supplies, possibly as donations or for his kids. He’s stores it all in his basement, that has incited into a mini-warehouse over a years. He’s got a raise of dishes and a integrate microwaves prepared to go for his kids when they pierce divided someday.

“I’m really caring and really giving,” Cagley said. “Some people see it as a fault.”

Cagley chalks his free inlet adult to practice he had as a child.

“I come from a outrageous family, and flourishing up, we didn’t feel like we had all a necessities,” Cagley said.

He hopes his actions will prominence a need that is out there.

“It’s all good to speak a talk,” Cagley said, “but we have to travel a travel if a kids are going to learn.”

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