Making a Difference: One School Supply during a Time

November 5, 2014 - School Supplies

Each new propagandize year brings fad for students to start their classes and for teachers fervent to enthuse them. To make a propagandize year successful, propagandize reserve are indispensable … a pencil, pen, backpack, folder or paper, among many other items. It sounds elementary by definition, though it creates a universe of disproportion for students and teachers to have these elementary resources in a classroom.   

What started as a elementary gesticulate by word of mouth by FedEx group members to present indispensable reserve to Hutchinson Elementary School in Atlanta, grew into a most incomparable grant when long-time FedEx customer, Norcom, asked to get involved.

Norcom, who manufactures bureau and school-related paper products, deeply understands a significance of preparation and mostly participates in programs that aim to safeguard impecunious children accept propagandize reserve that their families can't afford. So, but perplexity and with a coordination efforts of FedEx Account Executive Carmen Vazquez, Norcom donated reserve of paper that was distributed to a 40 teachers during Hutchinson Elementary School. In addition, an estimated $4,000 value of additional propagandize reserve were donated by FedEx group members.  

With a flourishing tyro race of over 400 students, village support is constituent to a success of Hutchinson Elementary School, that has served a internal Atlanta area village for many years. Along with a propagandize reserve donated, in jubilee of FedEx Cares Week, over 70 FedEx volunteers spent an afternoon reading to students. Whether a students satisfied it or not, they had an even larger impact on a volunteers, best epitomised by FedEx volunteer, Phyllis Shackleford.

“Every singular one of a kids and a clergyman came and hugged me and thanked me for reading to them. It brought tears to my eyes. This is since we do it since of those kids,” she said.

As partial of FedEx’s joining to a internal communities where a group members live and work, a propagandize supply expostulate is only one of a ways employees give behind year-round by volunteerism, free support and partnership with internal organizations and causes. Last year, during FedEx Cares Week, scarcely 50,000 proffer hours were logged during over 500 non-profit agencies worldwide.



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