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February 21, 2018 - School Supplies

LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – For students who do not have a correct propagandize supplies, subsequent in a classroom might come as a challenge.

One internal lady is anticipating to change that.

Rochella Wilson is a Lynn Haven resident, a former Oscar Patterson Elementary School student, and a late daycare owner. Now, she focuses her appetite on assisting a children in her community.

“They have to have a collection they need to start school,” Wilson said.

She has seen a disproportion it creates when students come to propagandize prepared, that is because she motionless to strike a books.. by make-up them up.

“So, it was laid on my heart to do this,” Wilson said.

What was laid on her heart will be placed on a backs of children in need in a community.

Mrs.Wilson, with a assistance of donations and sponsors, fills backpacks with propagandize reserve to discharge out of her possess home.

She told us this will be her fourth year holding on a project. In her initial year alone, she pronounced she upheld out some-more than 70 backpacks.

One of those collection is something we wouldn’t find inside a trek or pencil box. Compassion.

“When we do it give it to them in Aug that they will see that this lady cares about us,” Wilson said.

She customarily waits for propagandize supply lists to be expelled in a summer to scrupulously fill a backpacks.

As for her idea for a subsequent propagandize year, she hopes to fill and discharge 100 backpacks.

“But I’m feeling good this year. I’m prepared to go this year.”

If we would like to assistance Mrs.Wilson, her nonprofit classification is called Wilson Family Daycare Charity. Her email is

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