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September 14, 2016 - School Supplies

To a Editor:

Since 2010, LTlov has orderly propagandize supply drives in a Lake Travis village to yield Lake Travis propagandize district students coded economically disadvantaged with a reserve they need to attain in school.

Project Supply Pack was strictly determined and successfully finished for a 2016-17 propagandize year after piloting it final year. This initiative, partial of LTlov’s School Supplies Program, allows us to squeeze prepackaged campus and class specific propagandize reserve directly by any LTISD facile and center school’s supply grouping program. Students accept these supply packs on their desks during any campus’ Back to School Night events. We perceived applications from 95 families for 199 students. Following a deadline we perceived an additional 65 applications for 98 students in need of help. These requests were filled by village donations.

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Our frank and intense interjection go to a Ladies of Charity-Lake Travis, for providing $5,000 in appropriation for Project Supply Pack; a Lake Travis Crisis Ministries and PODER, that promoted and supposing a Project Supply Pack Application; Lake Travis High School tyro Caroline Storm, who collected over-abundance 2015 reserve from district campuses that were used to fill Pre-K focus orders; Austin Ridge Church, that donated 25 backpacks filled with reserve for Lake Travis High School focus orders; and H-E-B in Lakeway, for their inexhaustible concession of 40 backpacks.

As competent participants in For a Children, Inc, we perceived 30 boxes of simple supplies. As always, we are shamed and intensely beholden for a unchanging munificence of a Lake Travis village who supposing 130 backpacks, many simple supply equipment and $2,420 in money donations that were used to squeeze specific supply equipment and to fill campus with list requests, including a ask from Lake Travis Elementary School for 100 personal head-sets. Thank we to a businesses who hosted a collection bins: Lake Travis Community Library, Strandz Salon, Chick-Fil-A, Kuper Sotheby’s, Bee Cave Family Chiropractic, Moreland Properties, Elite Wellness, a World of Tennis and WOT Pilates.

In total, we served over 300 students in a Lake Travis propagandize district with a reserve compulsory by any child’s campus and class level. Remaining reserve were used to batch “teacher’s closets” during a high propagandize concurrent by Ms. Jennifer Gidley, AP environmental scholarship teacher, and during Lake Travis Middle School.

We would also like to extend a substantial thankfulness to a Lake Travis propagandize district and Darnell Horton who pleasantly concurrent a room for us during a LTHS Annex to receive, arrange and re-distribute reserve to students whose families missed a Project Supply Pack sequence deadline and to a many volunteers who dedicated approximately 100 use hours to this much-needed program.

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Fionnuala Stockton

LTlov School Supplies module chair

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