LS area businesses, nonprofits join to assistance kids in need of propagandize supplies

July 8, 2018 - School Supplies

This August, hundreds of internal students in need of assistance will start a propagandize year with code new propagandize supplies, as good as backpacks and clothing, interjection to a munificence of a Lee’s Summit community.

Lee’s Summit Social Services, Coldwater of Lee’s Summit, Holy Spirit Catholic Church and Budget Blinds are several of a internal organizations spearheading propagandize supply and wardrobe initiatives this summer for families who are not means to yield these equipment for their children.

“So many people are only one paycheck divided from wanting help. An extra-large medical check or something else astonishing can take divided from relatives being means to yield a necessities for their children,” pronounced Megan Salerno, Lee’s Summit Social Services staff member.

Lee’s Summit Social Services launched a annual Back-to-School store in 1993. From late Jul by early August, relatives revisit a store and “shop” for propagandize supplies, backpacks, clothing, and boots for their children — all during no charge.

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“Supply drives, grants and donations from a extraordinary village and businesses keep this module going,” Salerno said. “People come from everywhere to present and volunteer.”

Since 1993, a module has grown significantly, quite in a past integrate of years. In 2016, a Back-to-School store served 698 families. That series was 743 in 2017, and a identical boost is expected this year.

Requests for these forms of assistance are on a arise in Lee’s Summit.

Recognizing this need, Coldwater of Lee’s Summit also conducts an annual propagandize supply program. In 2017, some-more than 200 children perceived reserve by this program.

“Hunger and misery know no boundaries, including Lee’s Summit. There’s a problem here and we only wish to help,” pronounced Monte Stull, Coldwater village director.

Each summer, Coldwater distributes propagandize reserve to students in both a Crossroads and Sage Crossing areas by their Summer Lunches program, as good as by their food pantry. The classification also has partnered with other groups to support their efforts.

This year, members of Summit Park Church purebred Crossroads kids in a summer lunches module in Jul and discharge those reserve during a family grill Jul 31. Also in July, Genesis, a Christian singles group, will register Sage Crossing kids during a Summer Lunches module and discharge reserve there a initial week of August.

Recently, Coldwater teamed with Budget Blinds of Lee’s Summit for their propagandize supply expostulate during June’s Downtown Lee’s Summit Fourth Friday art walk. Also that evening, Metanoia-KC, a holistic and integrated caring women’s studio, hosted a clothing, shoes, lunch box, and trek concession expostulate for Claudia’s Closet. Claudia’s Closet will discharge a donated equipment to internal children for a arriving propagandize year.

“Opening a doors to village events means opening a doors to giving local, estimable causes,” pronounced Debbie Stoddard, Budget Blinds co-owner. “As a tiny business, we feel compelled to ceaselessly give back.”

Hillary Graves, long-time area educator, her daughters, and friends stopped by Budget Blinds on Fourth Friday to present several bags of supplies.

“As an educator, we know how critical propagandize reserve are and we know there’s a large need in a community,” Graves said. “When a tyro has a new trek and supplies, they have a aloft self-respect to start off a propagandize year.”

Salerno has seen, firsthand, this esteem-building knowledge for children.

“Last year during a Back-to-School store, a small lady went and attempted on her outfit. When she came out of a sauce room, she was beaming. It was like we done her year. It overwhelmed my essence to see we were creation that kind of impact on somebody’s life.”

Members of Holy Spirit Catholic Church have hosted a trek collection for a past 8 years.

“Years ago, a Lee’s Summit School District common with us that many kids during their Early Childhood Center couldn’t yield their possess backpacks, so we started a drive,” pronounced Anna Vahrenberg, Holy Spirit module volunteer.

Church members present approximately 100 backpacks any year, that are afterwards distributed to students during back-to-school night.

Holy Spirit also organizes a winter cloak expostulate and an adopt-a-family module during Christmas.

Vahrenberg has helped coordinate all 3 programs for a past 11 years and has seen an boost in those wanting assistance with simple necessities.

“Each year, some-more families are identified who need help,” she said.

For Salerno, providing this assistance is a two-way street, benefiting both a target and a giver.

“We’re partial of something that everyone, during some point, should be a partial of. It would change how people consider and perspective people—and what they contend and how they provide people,” she said.

“It is life-lasting when you’re means to do something good like this to assistance others.”

Contact Lee’s Summit Social Services or Coldwater of Lee’s Summit to present or proffer for their propagandize supply drives.

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