Local Business Donates School Supplies to Elementary

February 4, 2018 - School Supplies

Lubbock, TX – Gene Messer Chevrolet donated propagandize reserve to Bayless Elementary School students and teachers. Last fall, they donated reserve like pencils and crayons, though this semester, it was for a teachers and what they needed. 

“School reserve are unequivocally expensive, and schools work on flattering parsimonious budgets and for them to wish to strech out and assistance support a propagandize is fantastic,” pronounced Amy Stephens, Bayless Elementary principal. 

What some people do not realize is that mid-year, teachers onslaught to say reserve for their kids.

“Expo markers are for math, and so we get to a indicate when you’re reaching in a bucket and perplexing to find a pen that’s not dusty out, and so those things run out flattering quickly,” pronounced Stephens. 

That is because a Gene Messer Chevrolet group motionless to step in. 

“We got markers, we got pencils, things that teachers use on a daily basis. We know infrequently teachers have to come out of their pocket, so we wanted to assistance them out so they wouldn’t have to do that as much,” pronounced Jonathon Lucio, with Gene Messer Chevrolet. 

They will be behind in Aug to present some more. 

“They were so excited, and one of a things that were unequivocally cool, they asked what we indispensable so a teachers kind of got to tell them, ‘I unequivocally need some Clorox wipes’ or ‘I unequivocally need this and that.’ And so they tailored their expostulate to accommodate a teachers’ needs, and that is fantastic,” pronounced Stephens. 

“Especially given we’re only down a travel from where they live, it’s a facile propagandize in a community. That’s because we wanted to assistance them out,” pronounced Lucio. 

If we would like to present propagandize supplies, we can dump them off during a Gene Messer Chevrolet plcae at 1302 S. Loop 289.

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