Local artists, businesses present propagandize supplies, haircuts

January 3, 2018 - School Supplies

Local students perceived giveaway backpacks, propagandize reserve and haircuts Tuesday interjection to a partnership between internal businesses and artists.

Precious Majors, clamp boss of Mo Boy LLC, pronounced he and his friends wanted to make certain students were prepared for a initial day of a open semester, so they collected backpacks and propagandize reserve for 30 children. They also partnered with a Krispy Kutz Barber Shop to yield giveaway haircuts to children ages 6 by 14.

“It’s not a renouned time for giving divided propagandize supplies,” Majors said. “There’s always that back-to-school event, yet back-to-school is right now, too. There’s a whole other division about to start up.”

Majors, along with a artists famous as Dany Zukko and we Swear It’s Kane, wish to widespread a summary that reserve can assistance students be successful in school.

“One of a messages we’re compelling is that you’ve got to be prepared for school,” Majors said. “But we can’t only contend that as adults and as parents. You can’t only say, ‘Be prepared for school,’ and not put some movement behind that. So we say, ‘Be prepared for school, and we’ll yield a approach for we to have propagandize supplies.’”


Derico Young, 11, walks out of Krispy Kutz Barper Shop with a uninformed haircut, a trek and a square of pizza. Tim Bath | Kokomo Tribune

Tim Bath

This eventuality was personal for Majors and Zukko, who remember sitting in category during a start of a new division and being unprepared.

“I was one of those kids in a center of a division seeking for a pen,” Zukko said. “Even yet my mom had a means to, we was only one of those kids that it wasn’t a priority for me to make certain we had propagandize reserve myself.”

It’s generally easy to forget about a need for propagandize supplies, he added, right after Christmas when children are meditative about a gifts they received.

It’s also easy, Majors added, to forget that some people don’t accept anything for Christmas.

“There’s a race of people that didn’t accept gifts over a holidays, and we’re not indispensably giving out gifts, yet it’s a tiny token that we’re giving something to somebody,” Majors said.

Several children who visited Krispy Kutz Tuesday were blissful to have new backpacks and supplies, yet they were generally vehement to have new haircuts.

Zavion Bellamy, a seventh-grader during Central Middle School, smiled as he suspicion of removing a new haircut. His father, Matthew Bennett, was also excited.

“Haircuts can be expensive,” he said. “This is nice.”

The book bags came with markers, pencils, notepads, protractors and several other reserve to assistance students flog off a new semester.

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