Laura C. Milner Foundation Hosts School Supply Giveaway For Kids In Need

September 18, 2016 - School Supplies

by Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An classification creates a lift to assistance kids in Philadelphia who might not have gotten a reserve they need for a fledgling propagandize year.

As distant behind as he can remember, Tyrone Lee Smith’s grandmother Laura was constantly assisting those in need.

“We’re doing all that she did. She would only assistance anybody. I’ve seen her lift homeless people off a street, move them into a home, and get them their possess apartments. She did this for women, children, men; she didn’t caring who we are and what we looked like,” pronounced Smith.

So, when she died from cancer, he founded a munificent non-profit classification in her honor.

Sunday afternoon, a classification hosted a propagandize reserve giveaway during a Philadelphia Mills Dave and Buster’s to assistance those in need.

“We have some book bags here, we got books, pens, rulers, lunch bags, and things like that,” Smith explained.

Aliahna says she’s really happy for a organization, since she’s to get some most indispensable new reserve to use during school.

“A book bag, a lunch box, and some books,” pronounced Aliahna

You can find some-more information about a Laura C. Milner Cancer substructure on their twitter, facebook, and instagram pages.

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