Latham School students accept propagandize supplies, laptops, tablets and more

October 14, 2014 - School Supplies

Masonic Angel Fund supports Latham students

Students accept propagandize supplies, laptops, tablets and more

The Masonic Angel Foundation recently donated 5 Laptops for KidZ computers, dual Android tablets, a multifunction printer and propagandize reserve for 42 students during a Latham Centers in Brewster.

Laptops, propagandize reserve and more

Latham Centers recently started a “Latham Works” module to yield individualized vocational training to for their students. Students learn skills matched to their abilities and learn to “raise a bar” on their work tasks.

In late summer a MAF’s Laptops for KidZ plan came on a “bonanza” during a Staples clearway sale that featured $229 Dell laser multifunction units for usually $19.95. The Masonic Angels bought all of a printers, fixation one of a printer/scanner/copier/fax units with a Latham Works program.

A few days later, Laptops for KidZ perceived a concession of over 100 laptops from a Boston-area corporation. Five matching laptops were placed with a Latham Works program.

Latham also perceived propagandize supply kits for 42 students around a MAF’s Beehive School Tools program. Latham’s executive of preparation Gerry Pouliot asked that a propagandize reserve be delivered “un-assembled” so that a Latham Works students could have a knowledge of convention packages.

The Masons delivered a propagandize reserve during 10 o’clock on a balmy Thursday morning. Mr. Pouliot sensitive a MAF that a packages had been fabricated by a students, legalised by staff and distributed to everybody a really subsequent morning.

Taking advantage of another Staples clearance, a Masons performed a retard of Android tablets and placed dual of those with Latham’s classroom educators. At final report, Mr. Pouliot was entertainment a foe associated to a sensor humanities between classrooms to see that dual classes would acquire a tablets.

Then a appreciate we cards arrived

“Then a appreciate we cards arrived,” pronounced Masonic Angel Foundation President Robert Fellows. (See a raise of them below) “We roughly never accept appreciate we cards from MAF recipients. We don’t know who a kids are since a requests go by schools’ veteran staff. In sixteen years MAF might have perceived 25 records from students or their parents.”

“One day we perceived a vast pouch from Latham that was ripping with appreciate we records from their students. Some cards were finished in crayon by immature children and a integrate were mechanism designed on a really laptops we placed there in August. One label was rendered in a mechanism graphics module and looked like a work of a training striking artist – and it had a sweetest wording, as well. We were flattering impressed going by those cards.”

Latham’s students have a story of display their appreciation for a work a Masons do on their behalf, including final winter’s donation of qualification satisfactory proceeds to a Masonic Angel Fund.

Strong Partnership

The Masonic Angel Foundation has assisted students during a Latham Centers in Brewster for fifteen years. From winter coats, to special educational programs to puncture requests, a Masonic Angels have been there when Latham students need help.

Founded in 1970, Latham Centers offers residential and eccentric vital programs for students with formidable special needs. Shown on right is partial of a school’s Brewster campus.

MAF’s co-founder, Robert Fellows, recalls a early days operative with Latham. “When we started operative with Latham it was only Latham CEO Anne McManus operative these benevolences together. Over a years several staff during Latham and volunteers during MAF worked together, building a clever bond between a dual organizations.”

The Masonic Angels have a repute of assisting all schools with a many surprising of requests and Latham is no exception. Over a years MAF has helped a series of Latham students in unusual situations – and has finished so immediately. The MAF has a customary that all requires all MAF chapters to respond to a ask within one business day, yet they’re mostly over in an hour or two.

Much of a work Masonic Angel Foundation does with Latham is saved by a present from a Christopher Huntoon Trust.

(Thank You Cards: Some of a dozens of thank-you cards a Masonic Angels perceived from Latham Centers students who recently perceived MAF’s Beehive School Tools propagandize supply packages. MAF photo.)

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