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August 23, 2014 - School Supplies

TWIN FALLS • As prices arise and propagandize supply lists grown relatives all over a Magic Valley are feeling a splash in their wallets this back-to-school season. But Friday, Twin Falls County sheriff’s deputies helped feet a check for 17 students headed behind to class.

At 9 a.m., a students and their parents, all staying during a Valley House homeless shelter, headed into Fred Meyer with their uniformed offered buddies for a annual Shop with a Cop event.

Each tyro was means to spend about $150 on supplies, a span of new boots and a few other wardrobe items, pronounced Sheriff’s Office mouthpiece Lori Stewart.

Fred Meyer donated 15 $50 present cards, and a sheriff’s bureau Employee Associated donated a rest , Stewart said.

“We always have about 15 kids, though this year we did all a kids during a Valley House,” Stewart said.

The preserve accepts families and singular women, she said.

“The reason we put this together is so we can deliver immature children to law enforcement,” pronounced Lt. Daron Brown. “They can see we’re people too.”

Deputies who come to a eventuality all present their time, he said.

This year, a deputies and relatives are seeing that students’ lists embody things to be common with their class, such as tissues, palm sanitizer, cosmetic baggies and even dry-erase markers.

Perusing a list, Deputy Kelly Wilson remarkable that he didn’t remember bandages or anti-bacterial aspect wipes being on final year’s lists.

Some things that were 99 cents final year are $1.50 this year, he said.

Everyone has beheld that a supports dedicated to any child aren’t going as far, and a Employee Association skeleton to opinion on either to lift a $150 per child to $200 subsequent year, Wilson said.

After a few coupons were swiped, a sum for all a students came to $2,449.50.

Part of a income is lifted by events such as a raffle and annual turkey shoot. This year, deputies will have a counter during a Twin Falls County Fair, offered raffle tickets to win a Jumping Jack trailer with a pop-up tent. The sketch will be Nov. 2 during a turkey shoot.

After all a reserve were gathered, a students headed to a shoe department.

Deputy Matt Wunsch has been with a Sheriff’s Office for scarcely 3 years, though this was his initial year during Shop with a Cop.

“It’s fun. we have dual their age, though boys,” he pronounced indicating during dual girls perplexing on sparkly sneakers. “Just no glitter.”

Sierra and Samuel Maple changed from Arkansas with their mother, Stephanie Maple, reduction than 3 weeks ago. Sierra is headed into a 10th class during Xavier Charter School, and Samuel is going into second class during Lincoln Elementary. Each chose a span of boots to get by a winter and had income left over for some new propagandize outfits.

Having all a reserve on their lists will assistance them palliate into a new city and a new school, Stephanie Maple said.

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