Kanawha County Schools Supplies Wi-Fi on School Buses

December 5, 2015 - School Supplies

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Kanawha County Schools Supplies Wi-Fi on School Buses

Kanawha County Schools in West
Virginia has implemented 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity to a swift of 158 school
buses, so students can finish task assignments while roving to and
from home, sporting events and margin trips.

“Students can spend upwards of 45 mins to an hour on a train each
day. Between extracurricular activities and responsibilities during home and work,
often times these students are adult late during night and in a early morning trying
to finish their propagandize assignments,” pronounced Ron Duerring, superintendent
at Kanawha County Schools, in a prepared statement.

Last year a county granted a center and high propagandize students with
14,000 inscription computers to finish task assignments and entrance online
reading element and educational software. The county afterwards began evaluating
mobile Wi-Fi use providers and comparison Cradlepoint, a association that delivers 4G LTE
network solutions for distributed enterprises.

Student can entrance a mobile network regulating their school-issued tablets
only, so they have a same secure and tranquil network entrance as in the
classroom, according to information from Cradlepoint. Eventually, a district
plans to use a buses to yield internal neighborhoods with giveaway Wi-Fi.

Since implementing a mobile network on propagandize buses, train drivers have
reported calmer, better-behaved tyro behavior, pronounced Leah Sparks, executive of
technology during Kanawha County Schools.

“With WiFi-enabled buses, we are providing a students with a
controlled and monitored training sourroundings that gives them a flexibility
to accommodate both their personal and educational commitments,” pronounced Duerring. “We
believe this is one some-more innovative and leading-edge approach we are assembly the
educational needs of a students.”

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