Just a few days sojourn to present propagandize reserve for homeless kids in Ann Arbor

August 30, 2015 - School Supplies

I know I’m not a usually primogenitor wondering because summer seems unconstrained this year.

I censure a furious swings in weather, a late Labor Day and my possess bad activity formulation in Aug for feeling like it’s past time for kids to get behind to school. Then we remember what we haven’t set adult nonetheless – haircuts! eye exams! SAT prep! – and a tragedy feels roughly overwhelming.

But afterwards one fact about back-to-school brings me behind to reality: For a 1,300 homeless kids in Washtenaw County schools, all of my pressures are notation in comparison.

These kids do not have permanent homes. Some might be in shelters, some might be staying with relatives, some might be distant from other family members as several people take them in. Some might live a day during a time in hotels.

The Education Project for Homeless Youth will be operative with them, as shortly as propagandize officials commend their miss of a fast home. As partial of a EPHY staff’s work, they try to make a propagandize practice for these kids as normal as possible.

Consider: How normal can it be for a homeless child to lapse to a classroom in a tumble and lay among other kids whose summer practice embody travel, educational camps and code new BTS wardrobes? The comparison is tough for those who come from a home where people are worrying about fast housing, and handling lives where there might be no ability or income for basics.

That picture of a need amid a wealth that we see and know in Ann Arbor is what desirous The Ann Arbor News to unite a school supply drive for this area’s homeless kids. We attempted it final year, and after most success brought it behind in 2015.

While creatively set to finish Friday, we only extended it – interjection to a seductiveness a readers have shown – to finish on Thursday, Sept. 3.

We’ve collected in a run during a bureau during 111 N. Ashley during West Huron in downtown Ann Arbor. Items also can be brought to a EPHY offices during a WISD Teaching and Learning Center during 1819 S. Wagner Road in Ann Arbor.

The initial collection of equipment donated by readers was sent to a EPHY offices in mid-August. At that point, a bags and boxes of equipment that readers brought to a bureau had filled a front window area of a lobby.

A relapse of a donations included:

• 24 backpacks

• 27 calculators

• 20 scissors

• 78 toothbrushes

• 50 packs of crayons

• 8 t-shirts and 16 pairs of socks

• Enough equipment for 20 toiletry packs (lotion, shampoo, conditioner, tissues, deodorant, soap)

• And lots of notebooks, folders, pencils and other necessities for school.

Donations of cash, checks or present cards during that indicate reached $1,380, with another $475 sent by Keith Hafner Karate.

The front building seemed dull after a donations were picked up.

Yet within hours, some-more bags were arriving. As we write this, we’re environment adult another ride to a EPHY offices – and even some-more equipment are piled up, prepared to go. On a discerning count, we’ve some-more than doubled a series of backpacks in a initial batch. That’s only one instance of how Ann Arbor News readers keep responding to this need in a community.

Thanks to all who have contributed, possibly to this bid or to others that are portion kids in a schools.

If you’d still like to make a donation, checks or present cards (suggested stores are Target, Walmart and Payless) might be brought to a offices, done payable to EPHY. The plan still in sold needs: Backpacks; add-on dividers; pencil cases; calculators; binders; finished underwear and socks; deodorant; toothbrushes; shampoo; ride distance tissues.

Paula Gardner is editor of The Ann Arbor News. She can be reached by email.

source ⦿ http://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbor/index.ssf/2015/08/homeless_school_supplies_in_an.html

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