It’s Not Soon To Buy Or Donate School Supplies

June 12, 2018 - School Supplies

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – Mayor Mike Rawlings is holding a “Fill a Backpack” expostulate to collect propagandize reserve for a Mayor’s Back to School Fair. The satisfactory provides 15,000 Dallas children in need with propagandize reserve any year. Angela Shellene with a eventuality pronounced they are recruiting businesses, organizations and people to assistance with donations.”

“There are several high direct equipment that we now aren’t providing that we wish to supplement to a propagandize supply packs this year. Having donations is a approach to do that.”

Shellene says a final day to pointer adult for a expostulate is Jun 15th and that people can chose to attend in possibly a earthy or online drive. For a online drive, participants squeeze backpacks filled with a propagandize reserve from Educational Products Inc. Shellene pronounced backpacks purchased by EPI cost about $16 dollars and will be given to children during a Mayor’s Back to School Fair on Aug 3rd. The deadline to dump off earthy donations is Jul 19th. Those meddlesome in a earthy expostulate will be supposing with a propagandize supply list.

For some-more sum or to horde a propagandize supply trek drive, hit Angela Shellene during 214-871-0783 or

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