Human Resources Addresses Fair Labor Standards Act, Plans for School Supply Drive

May 23, 2016 - School Supplies

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Human Resources Addresses Fair Labor Standards Act, Plans for School Supply Drive

Georgia Tech’s Office of Human Resources has been during work clarifying intensity changes for Tech employees per a Fair Labor Standards Act.

Human Resources is also scheming to reason a annual Buzzin’ Back to School supply expostulate for worker families.

Fair Labor Standards Act

In partnership with Institute care and a University System of Georgia, Georgia Tech Human Resources is operative to rise an proceed to new Fair Labor Standards Act sovereign regulatory changes. These changes would lift a smallest income threshold compulsory for an worker to be deliberate free from overtime from $23,660 annually to $47,476 annually. 

While a order set was rigourously expelled May 18, Human Resources has been operative for some-more than a year on how to safeguard correspondence with a due order changes. To learn some-more about if and how these changes might impact you, revisit

Buzzin’ Back to School

The annual propagandize supply expostulate for Georgia Tech families starts Jun 1. Human Resources has cumulative a few hundred backpacks to be filled with propagandize supplies, that will be distributed to incidentally comparison Georgia Tech employees with children in grades K-12 who might not have a financial means to obtain a required reserve for school. 

The Georgia Tech village is invited to present reserve from a designated list. Employees are also invited to request to accept a backpack. To learn some-more about donations and applications, revisit

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