How a Canadian present of propagandize reserve done it to postwar Europe

December 27, 2014 - School Supplies

Canada motionless to send some 20,000 propagandize box kits to European classrooms scorched by war. A report from Library and Archives Canada states any box contained 40 “ink notebooks,” 40 “pencil notebooks,” 1,000 sheets of foolscap for ink and 1,000 sheets of newsprint paper for pencil, 48 pencils, 12 boxes of crayons, one package of ink, 144 pens, 144 pieces of marker (24 sticks coloured), 36 erasers, 6 rulers, one bruise of cold H2O pulp and 100 sheets of construction paper (in 10 colours). There were also samples of stories from Canadian authors, a Tom Thomson calendar, a map and some fact sheets about Canada.

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