Goa markets inundate with propagandize reserve as educational year set to begin

June 2, 2015 - School Supplies

Margao/Panaji: With a new educational year slated to start on Jun 4, a markets are filled with perfectionist children and their relatives in draw all out to ascent their propagandize rigging — bags, bottles, tiffins, pencil boxes, and rainwear.

“Children now do not wish plain-looking bags or tiffin boxes. They wish propagandize wear with their favourite animation characters on them. Also, a children direct that all from their bags to compass boxes to tiffins and umbrellas be relating or else they don’t buy,” pronounced Shyam Govekar, a shopkeeper, during a Panaji market.


What they see on television, is what they wish on their bags. Popular primary time shows like Chota Bheem, Ben10, Avengers, Doremon have a vast fan base, with Barbie still going clever with a girls.

Bags for children study from KG-level to Class IV sell within a operation of Rs 250 to 850. One will have to bombard out a few some-more hundreds for a 3D-effect animation impression bag.

For high propagandize goers who tend to be code conscious, these accessories do not come cheap. One can select from a trendiest styles and prints, with several specialized pockets and done of waterproof material. “Mostly people demeanour for epitome prints,” pronounced Santosh Kanguri, renter of Queen’s Bags in Margao. These bags operation from Rs.850 and a aloft variants even hold Rs 4,000.

Pencil Boxes

Pencil boxes and pouches in several colours and shapes cost a flattering penny with a cost going adult to Rs 250. These come with several additions like mixed layers, in-built sharpeners, pencil holders and erasers, and even time tables attached. “Barbie, Angry Birds, Subway Surfers – we keep these in batch since children like them and they are in demand,” pronounced Trupti Arlekar, a seller from Mapusa market.

Water Bottles Tiffins

A unchanging H2O bottle with a neck tag used by kindergartners will cost zero reduction than Rs 40 to 60 for a little size. With many relatives being health unwavering these days, and with a consistent significance on a significance of food class material, business cite a some-more costly variety. These bottles are possibly done of steel or higher cosmetic and will cost we anywhere between Rs 170-250. There are still others who go a additional mile with peculiarity opting for brands like Pearlpet and Tupperware.

Tiffins are labelled from Rs. 20 for a little sizes to around Rs.150 for a incomparable and improved peculiarity items. Airtight varieties are demanded by a infancy of customers.


Zeel, Real, Parachute, and Duckback are a renouned brands of raincoats and umbrellas. Zeel for kids has raincoats labelled adult to Rs 700. Most children cite those that have space for a schoolbag to fit underneath a raincoat.

Umbrellas with images of WWE stars and general footballers and a unchanging animation characters sell for around Rs 150. The double-folding umbrellas that are some-more space-efficient cost adult to Rs 350.


There is a accumulation of phony and animal-shaped shoes for little tots, with floaters (ones even made like caterpillars) being a many renouned styles. Thankfully for relatives schools have despotic manners about footwear. “Black is a elite colour for propagandize children. Prices can go adult to Rs 270,” pronounced Faheem Khan, a shoes play in Mapusa market.

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