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April 8, 2017 - School Supplies

Since a inception, Sydney Paige® has been on a idea to lift village recognition about a millions of children who do not have entrance to correct propagandize supplies. Now, Sydney Paige® is partnering adult with Operation Homefront, a non-profit classification committed to providing troops families with financial assistance, to grasp a same goal: Provide students with a required collection to achieve in propagandize and life.

To give an instance of a need among troops children, approximately 10 percent of a nation’s troops members are stationed in San Diego County. More than half are married and have families they need to support though unfortunately, of those girl enlisted members, 50,000 are deliberate low income and 30,000 rest on food assistance regularly. And this is only San Diego. Through a Sydney Paige® – Operation Homefront partnership, a association hopes to benefit support to present 30,000 backpacks and propagandize reserve for low-income troops children by Summer 2017. CEO Founder, Courtney Brockmeyer, explains “We wish to achieve this idea by 3 concession methods:

1) Our Buy One/Give One model, where business name Operation Homefront as a non-profit classification to accept their relating bag when they squeeze a SP trek online;

2) Supporters select ‘Donate Only’ from a website, and a trek + reserve goes directly to Operation Homefront; and

3) Through corporate sponsorships, where bags are sole in bulk to businesses who wish to GIVE BACK. Employees can even container a bags for additional rendezvous in a giving process.”

From toddlers to adults, Sydney Paige® offers backpacks for everybody who wants to make a certain impact in a child’s life. To a children overwhelmed by Sydney Paige® Inc., backpacks give them a clarity of pride, and a certainty indispensable to learn and flower in school.

The idea of Sydney Paige® is to mangle a cycle of misery … one child during a time.

  • Quality = Dignity. We present a same high-quality trek as purchased.
  • School reserve capacitate children to do task encourage creativity. Each donated trek is filled with a full set of age-appropriate supplies.
  • Supporting children of a military, to those in encourage caring and shelters, Sydney Paige® wants we to join a GIVING BACK TOGETHER movement.

Working TOGETHER we can have a distant larger impact than any one of us can alone.

Sydney Paige® backpacks are done from eco-friendly materials of 100% string canvas, healthy leather, nickel giveaway hardware and recycled polyester where possible.

SydneyPaige® Inc. is a Women-Owned, Benefit Corporation, ancillary preparation of underserved youth.  We are partnering with Operation Homefront – Coronado, to try to present 30,000 backpacks + propagandize supplies to a troops children in need, all during a Coronado Naval Base.  For each SP trek we sell, we present a relating bag filled with propagandize reserve to a child in need.

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