Girl Guides collect propagandize reserve for Syrian interloper children

February 22, 2016 - School Supplies

Vancouver islanders have non-stop their hearts, and their homes, to assistance Syrian refugees start a new life in a country.

That includes a Victoria Girl Guide troop, doing what they can to give a comfortable acquire to a children, as they embark on their new lives, in their new schools.

“I have a binder, duotangs, notebooks, scissors…”

Proudly wearing her Girl Guide uniform, Teresa unloads a trek she’s only filled.

“…markers, pencil crayons, rulers…art kit, pencils, pens, lined papers, and pencils…”

But these propagandize reserve are not for her, they are for a child nearing from Syria.

The 3rd Victoria Girl Guides are collecting propagandize reserve and backpacks, to benefaction to newly arrived Syrian interloper children.

Sadie, another Girl Guide, says “we listened about a Syrian refugees, and we arrange of talked about something we could do…

“One of a ideas was a backpacks with a propagandize supplies, and also, like, removing food and wardrobe for them, though we suspicion propagandize reserve would be best.”

3rd Victoria Girl Guide Leader Kathryn Whitney explains where a packs will be going.

“When a children arrive we’re going to be distributing them to a centres in that they’re staying…

“So we’ll wish that a girls will get a possibility to accommodate some of a children who are entrance into Victoria, and make connectors with them that way, and also with their families.”

Young Sadie is vehement to presumably accommodate some of a children.

“I’m unequivocally vehement to learn about these cultures, and where they come from, and opposite things like that.”

Another Guide, Katie, admits “it’s unequivocally engaging to be means to assistance other people that aren’t only in your community, like other people from around a world.”

And that’s a doctrine a leaders wish these immature women will remember via their lives.

“We wish them to be socially responsible” says Leader Whitney, “but we also wish them to be unequivocally proactive, and to demeanour for things that they can do to assistance other people.”

Because, she adds, “everybody can do something.

“We’re doing a tiny bit, and we wish everybody else does too.”

Donations can be forsaken off during a Grace Lutheran church office, during 1273 Fort Street, on Wednesdays or Thursdays between 9 AM- 1 PM.

Or click here for some-more information about how we can minister to a backpacks.


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