From a Greater Excellence in Education Foundation:

February 2, 2016 - School Supplies

From a Greater Excellence in Education Foundation:

When Debora Gavin Merlock founded GEEF in Mar of 2004, she knew she wanted to do something to negate a negativity surrounding schools in a Edgewood community. Little did she know that 11 years later, a substructure she started would have stretched to offer a whole county, ancillary thousands of students and giving out some-more than $80,000 in propagandize supplies, including $8,000 in one day alone, this past Dec 29.

As partial of GEEF’s Tools for Schools program, teachers can come emporium for free, or even have reserve delivered to them. (Merlock says GEEF has found it some-more effective to get reserve into a hands of teachers who can safeguard materials make it to school, nonetheless task apparatus kits are also supposing for at-home use). GEEF also packages and delivers reserve to any Title we propagandize in a county before propagandize opens any year so teachers can emporium during their possess schools. Supplies donated for behind to propagandize 2015 alone totaled $18,000.

But GEEF does distant some-more than yield propagandize and classroom supplies. It offers a accumulation of programs and services designed to safeguard that any child has a same apparatus and resources as a child subsequent to them. Originally called a Greater Edgewood Education Foundation, in 2009 a nonprofit rigourously altered a name to a Greater Excellence in Education Foundation to simulate a vastly-increased range of use to a county’s 37,000 students.

“In a really beginning, we were a bloc of Edgewood area propagandize communities focused on providing support to spin a personification margin for students,” says Merlock. “However, we fast satisfied this race has a high mobility and many students were relocating out of a Edgewood area. We didn’t wish to spin children away, so we worked with a superintendent during a time to enhance a module countywide.” And Merlock says there are kids in need in all 4 corners of a county, from a Route 40 mezzanine to North Harford, Jarrettsville and even areas like Fallston that are typically deliberate some-more affluent.

While a range of GEEF’s support has changed, several core programs sojourn a same. GEEF is committed to assisting students find ways to compensate for college, and has awarded some-more than $100,000 in college scholarships to low income students given a inception. SMILE and LEAD for Tomorrow are dual innovative multi-day care programs that commission Harford County Public Schools center and high propagandize students to learn skills vicious to lifelong development. GEEF also recognizes and awards superb county educators by a annual EVERYDAY HEROES Gala.

Looking forward to a future, Merlock says a GEEF house wants to continue to grow a substructure and align it with propagandize complement priorities, while always appropriation a needs of students rather than a propagandize complement itself. For instance, a stream propagandize complement priority is removing record in a hands of all students, though rather than account record for a schools, GEEF is exploring a commander module where laptops would be allocated to a specific school’s library and could be checked out for a semester.

“Ultimately, we are perplexing to tighten inclination gaps in resources and entrance by providing indispensable tools,” says Merlock. And GEEF has a success stories to uncover it is doing only that. From a center propagandize tyro who got to nap in a bed for a initial time during a SMILE care discussion to a facile propagandize tyro who went on to open a initial student-run credit kinship bend in Harford County, there are hundreds of stories of children and families definitely impacted by GEEF.

Perhaps some-more importantly, Merlock says GEEF’s programs and services emanate a long-lasting bequest not only for one child or family, though for destiny generations.

To find out more, ask services, present or volunteer, revisit GEEF’s website during

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