Fresno Unified School District to accept income from whistleblower lawsuit

January 30, 2015 - School Supplies

Fresno Unified School District to accept income from whistleblower lawsuit

An additional $450,000 is on a approach to Fresno Unified School District and a propagandize house has motionless to put it towards propagandize supplies. The income stems from a whistleblower box where a former Office Depot worker indicted a vast bureau supply sequence of overcharging propagandize districts and supervision agencies. Fresno Unified wasn’t indispensably an active partial of a category movement lawsuit though they were dynamic to be a beneficiary.

Kindergarten clergyman Gloria Ruiz divides a dry eraser in half to make it final longer. She says a spare bid is common among teachers who mostly use their possess income to buy supplies.

The kindergarten clergyman explained, “Whether it’s additional books, certain forms of books to go with whatever thesis you’re operative on, you’re going to go out and squeeze those for your students.”

Ruiz is anxious after conference Fresno Unified School District will advantage from a $68.5 million category movement allotment with Office Depot. The whistleblower lawsuit stemmed from a former employee’s accusations that a vast sequence wasn’t honest when it pronounced they were giving propagandize districts, cities and other agencies a bonus on supplies.

“I am positively anxious to be removing $150 dollars,” pronounced Ruiz. “That’s income we won’t have to spend out of my slot and teachers won’t have to do that.”

Fresno Unified School Board member Christopher De La Cerda pronounced now, all of Fresno Unified’s teachers — some-more than 3,000 — will advantage by removing $150 to spend online during Office Depot.

De La Cerda added, “Recognizing that we are going to have this estimable sum come behind to us and since we use it for clergyman reserve by a store itself we suspicion what improved approach to give it behind afterwards to give it to the teachers.”

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