FIT Closet provides clothing, propagandize reserve to homeless students

April 19, 2015 - School Supplies

MANHATTAN — Each year, Stan Ward, coordinator of sovereign and state programs and grants during Manhattan-Ogden Unified School District 383, reports a series of homeless students and their families in a district.

The count is compulsory by a sovereign McKinney-Vento Act of 1987, that protects a rights of students who are homeless to attend propagandize and ensures them equal entrance to peculiarity education.

“I would news 6 to 10 kids a year. Then one year, in 2006, we had over 70. Nobody knew what was going on,” Ward said.

Today, a series of homeless students and their families in a district has crossed a 260 mark.

Ward pronounced factors contributing to a boost embody a flourishing inconsistency between a rich and bad in Manhattan; miss of affordable let housing; an boost in migrants who come to a area to work in construction and other jobs; and low-paying jobs.

“It’s an invisible problem in a propagandize district,” he said, adding a series of homeless students during USD 383 is proportional to that found in Wichita and Kansas City.

Last spring, however, a internal journal essay about a flourishing series of homeless people in a Manhattan-Ogden area held a courtesy of citizens, Ward said. Since then, a village has turn some-more wakeful of a needs of a homeless, and some residents have incited their regard into action.

With a assistance of some-more than a dozen internal churches, countless village organizations and hundreds of donors, a Families in Transition Closet was determined during a 2013-14 propagandize year in a isolated classroom during Lee Elementary School. The FIT Closet provides food, wardrobe and other essentials to homeless students and their families.

“It’s in a second year now and support hasn’t diminished,” Ward said. “If anything, it’s growing.”

In early March, a FIT Closet changed into a tiny residence owned by College Avenue United Methodist Church since a propagandize district anticipates wanting a isolated classroom space in 2015-16 due to increasing enrollment.

Barbara Harnett, coordinator of a FIT Closet, pronounced a vast supply of donated propagandize clothing, shoes, propagandize supplies, hygiene items, food and other equipment are confirmed during a site. Six volunteers assistance out on a unchanging basis.

The FIT Closet isn’t open to a public. Recipients are vetted by a amicable workman and principal and brought to a site to collect adult items.

Ward pronounced a FIT Closet helps extend a singular McKinney-Vento/Title we supports awarded to USD 383 to yield a operation of simple services to homeless students and their families compulsory by a law.

USD 383 is one of 9 Kansas propagandize districts to accept supplemental extend appropriation by McKinney-Vento, he said. This propagandize year, a district was awarded a $20,495 extend and set aside $12,000 in Title we supports to compensate for a compulsory services.

“We’re saying this kind of course (in homeless numbers), though a income has remained stable,” he said.

Patrick McLaughlin, associate priest during First United Methodist Church, pronounced several activities have helped foster recognition of homelessness in a community, including Everybody Counts events that embody wardrobe and propagandize supply giveaways, giveaway eye exams, prohibited meals, food distributions and overnight shelter.

Efforts also are being done to emanate “transformational experiences” so village members see homeless people as their neighbors rather than recipients of their donations, McLaughlin said. For example, a Manhattan church is training volunteers to have affirming conversations with those entrance to a church for giveaway meals.

“We wish to pull courtesy to a emanate (of homelessness) and find some-more probity and puncture low into a causes, so that we don’t need to have a FIT Closet,” he said.


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