Fil-Am teen collects propagandize reserve for Leyte kids

March 6, 2015 - School Supplies

She’s vital a dream in Palos Verdes in California while forgetful of visiting Guintigui-An in Leyte.

“I have never been to a Philippines. My father has always wanted to take me and my sister, however roving there and behind as a family is really costly,” pronounced Tatum Rae Contreras, 16, whose father is from Cavite and whose American mom is a Southern California native.

This youth tyro during Palos Verdes High might seem like a standard teenager. She does good with her studies and keeps bustling with her dancing and photography.

But distinct some teenagers whose lives revolve around dating, unresolved out during a mall, and examination movies, Tatum is bustling with village work that advantages Filipino children in a typhoon-ravaged range of Leyte.

“I have always wanted to get concerned in a Philippines in some way, deliberation that is where half of my family is from,” she pronounced during a interview.

When she saw a extinction of Typhoon Yolanda, she said, “I felt thankful to help.”

She wanted to strech out to bankrupt Filipino children so that they might continue with their schooling. Her regard led her to a classification called Volunteer for a Visayans, that connected her to a Guintigui-An Elementary School in Ormoc.

“I have always valued education, so we suspicion that ancillary an under-funded or under-privileged propagandize would be a ideal approach to give back,” pronounced Tatum.

With a assistance of her best crony Hannah Glazer, she put adult Project Philippines during Palos Verdes.

“Our bar collects propagandize reserve that we send to a Philippines by a mom organization, Volunteer for a Visayans,” she continued.

Giving behind is not always easy, generally to people one hasn’t met, though Tatum pronounced she is adult to a task.

“Fortunately, all about starting this plan ran smoothly,” she said. “Since Hannah and we have been friends for 8 years, we know any other really good and work good together. Also, a propagandize has an extraordinary module in place that allows students to start and conduct their possess clubs. Because of this, we were means to engage 120 some-more students and make Project Philippines a bigger, some-more absolute project.”

The dual are now on a two-week expostulate to collect pens, pencils, markers, colored pencils, crayons, erasers, paper, glue sticks, calculators, rulers and an collection of propagandize reserve for a students of Guintigui-An. They have put concession boxes in their campus, anticipating to collect “unused” items.

Monetary donations are also being collected as they need income to boat a boxes. Checks or income orders might be mailed to:

Project Philippines c/o
Palos Verdes High School, Room 402
600 Cloyden Road PVE, CA 90274

“Actually, after seeking my past English clergyman if we could put a concession box in his room, he went on to tell me that his outing to a Philippines a few years behind was a best outing of his life. He pronounced that everybody was intensely kind and loving,” pronounced Tatum. “I would adore to knowledge this, as good as a pleasing scenery, weather, and food. we have listened many stories from my father and his side of a family about life in a Philippines and would adore to have a event to see it for myself.”

Meantime, Tatum is focused on assisting others initial by display a universe what it means to caring for others opposite continents. It’s a elementary step that, she hopes, will go a prolonged way. —The FilAm

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