Festival helps send propagandize reserve via a globe

October 12, 2014 - School Supplies

The Oregon Mennonite Festival for World Relief, hold Saturday during a Linn County Fair Expo Center, is famous for juicy food, such as baked products and apple cider, quilts and an auction where prices get wild.

But Jim Pauls of Dallas orderly propagandize reserve during a event.

Pauls filled homemade bags, putting 8 pencils, 4 turn notebooks, one eraser and a container of colored pencils in any one.

“Bags will be going all over a world, to interloper camps or other places where kids don’t have propagandize supplies,” he said.

The propagandize kits are a Mennonite Central Committee’s many requested items, and final year, some-more than 125,500 were shipped opposite a globe.

Pauls’ wife, Linda Pauls, pronounced that a bags get reused by families once a propagandize reserve are prolonged gone.

The Pauls pronounced a idea was to put together 250 of a propagandize kits on Saturday.

Churches also brought in kits their members put together, and a Pauls pronounced they hoped a day’s final total reached tighten to 1,000.

Alan Thrush, executive of donor family on a West Coast for a Mennonite Central Committee, pronounced children advantage from assisting with a project.

“Kids understand. ‘I need pencils. we need notebooks for school,’” he said.

The knowledge of putting a kits together creates them see how easy it is to give back, and shows them not to take things for granted, Thrush said.

This year, a Festival for World Relief focused on water.

“A lot of a projects a Mennonite Central Committee is ancillary are for wells for areas that don’t have purify entrance to celebration water,” pronounced Mark Diller of Albany, who helped classify a event.

To designate this year’s theme, a Mennonite artist’s ceramic pitcher was a initial auction item.

It sole for $700. “We upheld common clarity a prolonged time ago,” pronounced auctioneer Brad Caldwell.

Last year, a festival lifted about $110,000 for relief, growth and peacekeeping efforts.

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