Female motorcycle organisation gives propagandize reserve to Hernando County teachers and students

December 14, 2017 - School Supplies

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The Nature Coast Diva Angels is a ladies motorcycle organisation that is giving propagandize reserve to assistance out teachers this holiday season.

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. — The Nature Coast Diva Angels is a ladies motorcycle organisation that is giving propagandize reserve to assistance out teachers this holiday season. 

The organisation forsaken off propagandize reserve during “Tools 4 Schools,” a giveaway store for teachers in Hernando County. The store is stocked with all from pencils and paper to peep drives and backpacks. 

Tammy Brinker, Executive Director of a Hernando County Education Foundation, says this module and donations like this assistance teachers in a large way.

“This prevents them from reaching into their possess pockets. They typically spend about $500 a year only on reserve that they need for their possess classrooms,” she said.

There are two “Tools 4 Schools” locations in Hernando County: The Hernando County Education Foundation building located during 900 Emerson Rd. in Brooksville. The other is located during Springstead High School off of Mariner Blvd in Spring Hill. Click here to find out a hours of any store or to learn how to donate.

Nature Coast Diva Angels Director Jamie Zamora said, “We present to several charities and teachers need all a assistance they can get, large or small.”

The Diva Angels also donated promenade dresses to a Cinderella Boutique that is opening in a Spring during a Hernando County Education Foundation building for students to emporium for giveaway promenade dresses. 

For some-more information on Diva Angels and their internal chapters click here

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