Evergreen Park Bank’s Donated School Supplies Replenish D124 Students

December 22, 2016 - School Supplies

EVERGREEN PARK, IL — In a center of a propagandize year, when crayons have damaged and glue sticks left dry, teachers mostly find themselves scrambling to re-supply students when they lapse from winter break. Thanks to an Evergreen Park bank, Dist. 124 has adequate donated propagandize reserve for kids whose families can't always means to reinstate what’s damaged or lost.

So that teachers don’t have to drop into their possess pockets, and no tyro has to do though in a classroom, a Evergreen Park Bank Group, 3842 W. 95th St., has been dropping off vast quantities of donated propagandize reserve during Dist. 124’s executive bureau for a past 5 years.

The annual propagandize supply expostulate is orderly by Laura Frey, a concept landowner for a bank organisation and a lifelong-Evergreen Park resident. She satisfied a need for propagandize reserve year-round when her possess children attended Northwest School, Central Middle School and Evergreen Park High School.

“When my kids were in school, we always had additional propagandize reserve to donate. The principal would put them aside and, when he saw a tyro in need, he’d pass them along,” Frey said. “Once we started operative for a bank, we suggested that we collectively offer propagandize reserve to District 124 and everybody frankly jumped on board.”

The reserve have always been appreciated though this year’s concession from a bank was scarcely large.

“This is not from me. These donations are entrance from a whole community,” Frey said. “We publicize this propagandize supply expostulate in a branch, a internal newspaper, a bank website and on a amicable media. People from a community, including bank employees, bank patrons, and a bank itself yield donations.”

D124 Superintendent Dr. Robert Machak is beholden for a donations.

“Learning a start of a propagandize supply expostulate sponsored by a Evergreen Bank Group has given District 124 an even larger appreciation for a munificence they’ve provided,” he said.

Evergreen Park Bank Group, 3842 W. 95th St., Evergreen Park

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