Enchanted Backpack brings indispensable reserve to Conrad Fischer Elementary School

June 19, 2018 - School Supplies

[Mary Stroka – mstroka@shawmedia.com]

Bailey remarkable teachers during her propagandize tend to spend a lot of their possess income on their classrooms, and she infrequently assists as well. Many propagandize families are new immigrants confronting formidable circumstances, and some newcomer families are unknowingly of a judgment of propagandize reserve or they simply can’t means them, she said.

“I’ll take any assistance from anyone who’s got it,” Bailey said.

Boxes on boxes of supplies, including about 1,500 new books, house games, recess equipment, classroom rugs, hygiene items, certain function inducement items, art supplies, essay materials, folders, binders, scissors, tape, T-shirts, winter hats, boots and coats, were enclosed in a donation.

Conrad Fischer, 888 Wilson St., will have about 450 students in a 2018-19 propagandize year, Bailey said.

“We will make use of all of it,” she said.

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