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April 28, 2017 - School Supplies

Caz students collect and present propagandize reserve to those in need

Apr 27, 2017
Cazenovia Republican, Schools

Caz students collect and present propagandize reserve to those in need

Caz Middle School Mentor Program students collected and this week donated mixed boxes of propagandize reserve to other kids in need. (photo by Jason Emerson)

By Jason Emerson


More than 100 children in Madison County will have new propagandize reserve subsequent year interjection to a efforts of students in a Cazenovia Middle School Mentor Program. After a month-long propagandize supply drive, boxes of donated equipment were strictly given to a deputy from Madison County Department of Social Services this week.

“It took a lot of organizational time and appetite for we to do this,” Theresa Snyder, with a county encourage caring unit, told coach module students in an Apr 26 ceremony. “We can assistance adult to 200 children with a reserve we collected.”

The center propagandize coach program, started 22 years ago by former propagandize superintendence advisor Jennifer Glasgow, matches adult students in fifth, sixth and seventh grades who can use certain purpose models with adult mentors from a center school. Together they do particular activities such as bowling, fishing or even doing task together, as good as organisation activities once a month.

“The Mentor Program provides a students with a certain tie to school; it pairs students with adults who caring about them,” pronounced Eliza Collins, center propagandize advisor and module coordinator. “The Mentor Program provides a students with a event to build certain relations with both propagandize staff and their peers, all while participating in fun activities.”

Program participants also do opposite use activities via a propagandize year, such as holding spaghetti dinners for internal veterans and, their 2016 use project, entertainment donations to assistance a administration and work of Wanderer’s Rest. This year, they motionless to collect propagandize supplies.

Mentor module students motionless on a use project, finished a concession boxes, posters and propagandize announcements to tell their peers, as good as sorted and orderly a donations once they came in.

“The kids orchestrated it,” Collins said. “They adore it. They’re only really unapproachable to be means to contend they helped other people.”

Program participants Kenny Wilkinson and Justin Adams pronounced they both feel good meaningful they have helped other kids by their use project.

“It’s good that we did this to assistance other children,” pronounced Wilkinson, a fifth-grade tyro during Cazenovia.

“It feels good that we helped support other kids in need,” pronounced Adams, a sixth grader.

Snyder told a module students that her dialect works with kids and families opposite a county, including about 20 kids now in encourage caring and over 200 children they support to assistance stay in their homes and not have to enter encourage care. One of a things her group does is assistance yield propagandize reserve each tumble to kids whose families can't means to buy any.

“Thank we for all your tough work and organizing,” she pronounced during a Apr 26 ceremony. “I conclude all that you’ve done.”

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Jason Emerson
Jason Emerson

Jason Emerson is editor of a Cazenovia Republican and Eagle Bulletin newspapers.

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