Dorchester clergyman on ‘Ellen Show’ after donating to school

January 20, 2015 - School Supplies

A Dorchester clergyman seemed on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Monday, where she and her students were given thousands of dollars from Target, adding to a $150,000 Nicole Bollerman donated to her propagandize final month.

Bollerman, a third-grade clergyman during UP Academy Dorchester, was featured on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” after she won a contest, a Wish For Others campaign, in Dec and donated all a esteem income to her school. She pronounced it was “the right thing to do.”

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“My kids have overcome some critical adversity,” Bollerman, 26, pronounced in a write talk Monday. “I only unequivocally suspicion we could make a disproportion in their lives with that money. It’s only a splinter of what those kids deserve.”

DeGeneres called Bollerman an extraordinary woman, and presented her with a check for $25,000 dark in an aquarium tank full of Skittles, Bollerman’s favorite candy.

Bollerman pronounced she skeleton to use a income to compensate for connoisseur courses during a Boston propagandize to acquire her master’s in education. She was vehement to eat a Skittles, yet it would be improved for her teeth to share with a other teachers, she added.

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Ellen also gave any tyro during UP Academy a trek with propagandize reserve and a $100 Target present card. She gave a 70 teachers during a propagandize $500 Target present cards for propagandize reserve a teachers would routinely buy out of pocket.

Just before Thanksgiving, Bollerman entered a Wish for Others (#WishForOthers) contest, letter in her essay, “I’m a third-grade clergyman in a low-income, high-risk facile propagandize in Boston, MA. My #wish for others is that my voracious, adorable, hard-working, amatory scholars all leave for their Dec mangle with a book in their hand.”

Capital One, a competition sponsor, postulated that wish, and sent books to all of Bollerman’s students. She also won one of a grand prizes of $150,000, and donated it to a school.

UP Academy, in a Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood, was before famous as Marshall Elementary. Marshall had been a tie on lists of underperforming schools for years.

Last year UP Academy, a private preparation association that operates 4 other schools in Massachusetts, was brought in to take it over as an in-district licence school. The whole administration and expertise were replaced. Bollerman was one of a teachers brought in to spin a propagandize around.

Bollerman pronounced she hopes a income will be used for mechanism carts to assistance a students turn some-more technologically literate.

“Hopefully this present concession will give my kids opportunities they wouldn’t have had otherwise,” she said.

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