Donated propagandize reserve are appreciated — Susan Cohen

September 6, 2014 - School Supplies

Two weeks before propagandize started, a lady walked into Cherokee Heights Middle School on Madison’s Southwest Side. She explained that, yet she had no children in a district, she lived in a area and had review in a paper that many students were incompetent to means propagandize supplies. She wanted to help.

She and her nephew had purchased several bags of propagandize reserve and wanted to separate them between a facile and center propagandize in her neighborhood. 

Thank you, Vicki, for creation a initial days of propagandize so most improved for students in need. What we did done a disproportion in genuine children’s lives.

This is because we adore training in Madison schools. As we rigging adult for a new propagandize year and onslaught to widen timorous resources serve and further, people step adult and assistance out. Parents send in additional glue sticks, and bags of pencils seem on my desk.

Thanks to all of a people who dump off reserve for Madison students.

— Susan Cohen, Madison

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