Do we Help My Students or Do we Help My Family? A Reality Many Teachers Face

March 25, 2017 - School Supplies

Imagine that you’re a fourth category teacher at a open propagandize in Orange County, Florida, a tenth largest propagandize district in a United States. You have twenty-one students in your category and resources are tight. Not usually that, though we notice a integrate of your students come to propagandize in boots that are too small, or wear a same outfits any other day. They don’t have simple reserve like pencils or lined paper. You wish to help, though you’re a singular primogenitor who needs to feed your family and compensate bills.

The choice boils down to this tough question: Do we assistance my students, or do we assistance my family?

This is a existence for many of a teachers in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties where some-more than 210,000 of a students come from families that can’t means lunch, let alone propagandize supplies. Our teachers have told us that miss of propagandize reserve has an impact on students’ attendance, achievement, self-esteem, and even their seductiveness in learning. As a result, teachers spend an normal of $500-$1000 of their possess income to yield students with a reserve they need to be successful in a classroom.

That’s where A Gift For Teaching (AGFT) comes in.

We are Central Florida’s primary provider of giveaway propagandize reserve that capacitate children to dream, emanate and knowledge success in propagandize and life. We offer 3 ways for teachers to shop: a earthy Free Store, Pencil Boy Express – The Mobile Free Store that visits schools, and Pencil Boy Online where teachers incompetent to revisit a Free Store can contention orders online that will be delivered to them.

Since A Gift For Teaching’s pregnancy in 1998, we have distributed $106 million in supplies (including books, essential supplies, art items, hygiene items, and clothing) to students, with some-more than $62,000 in reserve being distributed daily, and any clergyman emporium averaging $455 per month. We’ve also diverted some-more than 14 million pounds of products from landfills. Our volunteers have logged over 600,000 hours by people and groups classification supplies, handling a Free Store, stuffing and make-up Pencil Boy Online orders, handling Pencil Boy Express, aiding during events, and more.

During a 2015-2016 propagandize year alone, AGFT impacted 325 open schools and some-more than 6,000 teachers in Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties, fixation essential propagandize reserve into a hands of some-more than 120,000 students.

How can you get involved? A Gift For Teaching is always looking for people and groups to support and offer a goal by supply donations, financial contributions, and volunteering.

  • Donating reserve and using supply drives keep a shelves stocked so AGFT is always prepared to support children who miss a essential collection to learn (paper, pencils, crayons, markers, glue and colored pencils).
  • Financial contributions concede AGFT to discharge propagandize reserve to clergyman for their students in need. For any $1 received, AGFT can yield adult to $10 value of propagandize supplies.
  • Volunteers keep AGFT using and concede us to keep a low-overhead of reduction than 3%, accept and arrange many vast donations during a time, and offer teachers many well so they can concentration on what matters most, a students.

For some-more information about A Gift For Teaching’s programs and ways to get involved, revisit a website:

Support A Gift For Teaching’s work by a well-designed corporate hospitality program:

As A Gift For Teaching’s workplace giving partner, America’s Charities can assistance your association pattern and exercise a module centered on ancillary their work – by workplace giving campaigns, worker fundraising, cause-focused signature programs, volunteerism, Dollars-for-Doers, In-Kind Giving and other worker rendezvous and munificent initiatives. Click here to ask a demo and learn how we can assistance we do this.

Below is an instance propagandize supply expostulate debate your association could reason in support of A Gift For Teaching using America’s Charities powered by Causecast solution:

School supply expostulate ancillary A Gift For Teaching

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