Crystal Lake School District 47 raises money, collects reserve for whirly victims

October 9, 2017 - School Supplies

Language arts/social studies clergyman Amy Mengler and seventh-graders during Lundahl Middle School started a propagandize supply expostulate to assistance parents, students and staff during Prep Northside School in Houston after waste incurred by Hurricane Harvey. Five boxes of propagandize reserve were sent to a propagandize along with $400 in present cards. Pictured (front row) are seventh-graders John Michaels, Cordelia Egan, Josh Ross, Loren Attanaseo and Brooklyn Paruolo; (back row) Sebastian Carrillo, Joe Tolentino, Dylan Treat, Victor Barbulesu and Ellie Gorak.

CRYSTAL LAKE – Students and staff from several schools in Crystal Lake Elementary School District 47 have stepped adult to assistance victims of Hurricane Harvey and schools in a Houston area.

Canterbury Elementary School “adopted” Houston’s Kate Bell Elementary School by a Facebook organisation called “Principals Principles,” where Assistant Principal Kristen Cannon schooled about a grass-roots bid that connects schools in need with schools wanting to help, according to a news recover from District 47.

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Through a “adopt a school” program, principals emanate and share lists of most-wanted equipment with other principals opposite a country.

Donation jars were placed in each Canterbury classroom to collect buliding brought in by staff and students. Within dual days, a propagandize lifted $250 toward their idea of $500. Proceeds from a expostulate will be used to buy present cards for Kate Bell Elementary. The propagandize will use a present cards to buy much-needed propagandize and classroom supplies, as good as domicile equipment for families in need.

At Woods Creek Elementary School, a fourth- and fifth-grade multi-age classroom “adopted” a fifth-grade category during Moore Elementary School, also in Houston, that suffered poignant repairs from Harvey and has been relocated for a 2017-18 propagandize year.

Gift cards and financial donations are being collected and will be used to assistance buy consumable scholarship and other enlightening materials for Moore Elementary.

Woods Creek third-graders also have collected some-more than $4,200 in present cards in further to scholarship materials.

Other District 47 facile schools have launched efforts to assistance Hurricane Harvey victims.

Coventry Elementary has lifted $262 by a silver expostulate to assistance buy containers and personal caring equipment for fifth-grade students during Garrett Elementary School in Houston.

South Elementary is holding a financial collection this month to advantage a American Red Cross.

Glacier Ridge Elementary started a expostulate called Pet-a-Palooza to lift income for pets and furious animals replaced by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. To date, a propagandize has doubled a goal, lifting $1,400 for PAWS Chicago.

North Elementary is researching options for assisting whirly victims in Puerto Rico.

District 47 center schools have started propagandize supply and silver drives. Hannah Beardsley and Bernotas center schools have launched “change wars,” where students present their lax change. So far, Bernotas has lifted $3,200 for a American Red Cross, and Hannah Beardsley has lifted $290 for Vidor Middle School in Vidor, Texas. 

Lundahl Middle School has been collecting propagandize reserve and domicile donations in a cafeteria to assistance families in need. In total, $400 and 5 boxes of propagandize reserve were collected. Lundahl’s tyro legislature contributed $100, and a remaining volume was donated by staff and students.

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