Craig and Parker closets keep Janesville kids in clothes—and in school

November 26, 2016 - School Supplies

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JANESVILLE—A span of jeans can keep a child in school.

So can a bottle of shampoo or a train token.

This weekend, when you’re out looking for bargains on Barbie’s Hello Dreamhouse, your kid’s initial drone, or his or her seventh video diversion console, cruise spending some income to make a immature person’s life better—or during slightest a small reduction complicated.

Both Parker and Craig high schools are seeking donations for their “closets,” a places where they keep propagandize supplies, toiletries, garments and even food for students who are vital in poverty.

How bad is misery in a propagandize district?

About 52 percent of Janesville’s students are personal as “economically disadvantaged,” definition their families accommodate income discipline for giveaway or reduced lunch.

To validate for reduced lunch, a two-person domicile can't make some-more than $29,471 a year. To validate for giveaway lunch, a two-person domicile can't make some-more than $20,709.

Now consider: A one-bedroom unit in a internal low-income formidable costs $580. Now supplement in costs of heat, gas, automobile insurance, health insurance, food and a rest of life’s expenses, such as oil changes, propagandize reserve and new tires for winter.

Suddenly, both of those annual income total demeanour like tools to terrible word problems. Items such as pants or bottles of shampoo turn puzzling X’s, as in “solve for X and uncover your work.”

Most of Janesville’s schools collect additional propagandize supplies, winter coats and sleet pants for their students.

The Craig Closet and Parker Closet do a same for immature adults.

Teacher Deri Eastman started a Parker Closet in 2008, about a time a city’s General Motors plant was shutting down.

That initial year, she served about 12 kids. Now she serves about 400 in a propagandize of about 1,400 kids.

“There are substantially a lot some-more kids out there,” Eastman pronounced “Some of a kids (who qualify) tell me and don’t use it tell me, ‘There’s always people who are worse off than we am.’”

Eastman pronounced there’s a myth that a relatives of these students aren’t doing their part.

“For a infancy of a kids, a relatives are working,” Eastman said. “They’re creation smallest salary or $10 an hour and are not means to compensate a bills. It’s really singular that we find that a relatives are not working.”

For these students, there’s a skinny line between entrance to propagandize and not entrance to school, amicable workers say.

Christal Lippincott, who runs a Craig Closet, pronounced students are referred to her by amicable workers, teachers or staff since of “hygiene problems” or truancy issues.

“They don’t have train tokens to get to school,” she said.

No income or washing soap for a laundromat would keep a child from school, too. More often, it’s a multiple of many things that becomes overwhelming.

So how can people help? It doesn’t take much.

Both closets need:

— Toiletries, including full-size shampoos, deodorant, delicate hygiene products, shred cream and razors, and toothpaste

— Laundry soap

— New socks, underwear, bras and T-shirts, both white and colored

— Donations for train tokens or tyro train passes

— Food equipment should be nonperishable and need a slightest volume of bid and additional ingredients. For example, many macaroni and cheese mixes need butter and milk. Examples of easy dishes embody canned pastas, ramen noodles and pancake brew that can be done with water.

— The Craig Closet needs jeans for boys and girls in vast sizes. For girls, that means 16 by 3X. For boys, that means sizes as vast as 46 x 48. The Parker Closet is not holding wardrobe donations during this time.

Donations can be forsaken off during a schools. Checks should be done out to possibly a Craig Closet or a Parker Closet.






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