CPS employees stole present cards meant for students, watchdog says

January 3, 2018 - School Supplies

Chicago Public Schools employees “stole or misappropriated” thousands of dollars value of school-purchased present cards that were dictated to be used as incentives for students and families, according to an annual news from a district’s examiner general.

In one case, a principal of a propagandize for exposed students stole presents of during slightest “$500 in present cards that were donated to a students and were dictated to assistance residence their specialized needs,” Inspector General Nicholas Schuler’s bureau found. The same principal gave to an familiarity 30 new backpacks filled with propagandize reserve that had been donated, according to Schuler.

The injustice of present cards was among a prolonged list of purported indiscretion by teachers, principals and district families in a IG’s annual report, that was expelled Wednesday. Among other commentary of a report, that does not brand schools or employees by name:

• An facile propagandize principal spent during slightest $22,000 in propagandize supports for personal purchases during Costco and Apple stores.