Costs of behind to propagandize reserve around New Zealand

January 21, 2016 - School Supplies

Costs of behind to propagandize reserve around New Zealand

Parents plead a costs of stationery, electronics, uniforms and propagandize fees with a credentials for their children returning to school.

Just as your finances were recuperating from a holiday season, along comes a start of another propagandize year.

The annual selling list is long: uniform, books, calculators, and all a extras that come along in a propagandize curriculum.

And if we have several kids during school, prop yourself. You could be shelling out thousands for things like laptops or tablets.

It’s that time of year, relatives are looking during stationery and uniform lists and examination their bank accounts dwindle.

Does it make a disproportion what form of propagandize your kids are at? What about where we live or a school’s decile? We spoke with relatives and principals from a operation of schools to review costs.

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Of course, a categorical cost for a lot of relatives is not a uniform anymore, it’s technology.

Most New Zealand schools inspire students to use a device – possibly their possess or one bought from a school.

Uniforms and stationery means wallet-aches for relatives opposite a nation – we demeanour during some opposite examples of varying costs.

Taupo Intermediate has such a policy, says silent Emma Kerr whose customarily child is starting there this year. They need students who wish to use their possess device to have a specific HP laptop, costing $1,500.

“We were given a choice to opt-in…I um’ed and ah’ed about it, though a vital plan’s affordable,” she said. 

It will take Emma dual years to compensate it off.

More schools are penetrating on bringing in new record for learning. Here are dual Saint Paul’s Catholic School pupils final year with e-books on their propagandize iPads.

Kerr pronounced a cost was reasonable, though she worries about other kids whose families can’t means them.

The ‘bring your possess device’ (BYOD) ethos is a bit some-more flexible.

Auckland’s Orewa College favours a iPad as ‘best value for money’; Alexandra Primary School weaned their kids from a few introduced iPads to a BYOD policy; and Christchurch’s St Bede’s College says it has no expectancy families should flare out $1,500 – netbooks are cheaper during around $400.

Parents are peaceful to compensate a price, if it means their kids have a improved possibility during learning.

“You need it in this day and age,” pronounced father of dual Nick Stocker, whose children are both attending Thorndon School in Wellington.


While Stocker has to send his lot behind to propagandize with devices, he’s propitious he doesn’t have to worry about uniform.

“I wore a uniform when we was during college…I hated it during a time though we consider that had some-more to do with age.

“Uniforms do have that large cost adult front that could unequivocally supplement to a bit of highlight around this time,” he said.

“But they do tend to final a bit longer.

“I consider unequivocally as prolonged as a kids are gentle and happy with what they’re wearing afterwards that’s unequivocally what we want.”

The losses “all even out in a end”, he said.

The Wellington family spends about $1,000 on garments via a year for a dual children.

A uniform for Cathedral Grammar School, a primary in Christchurch, will set we behind during slightest $600 for only one lot of a basics, though of march kids need a few extras to continue a playground.

At Taupo Intermediate, it’s $320 for a dual ‘in-between’ years. And afterwards high propagandize hits. 

If you’ve picked your poppet a private propagandize – be prepared to compensate a price. Them blazers ain’t cheap. Upward of $750 during Wellington’s Samuel Marsden Collegiate propagandize will get we one set of a simple mandatory apparatus – we haven’t even enclosed shoes.

For state-integrated Marcellin College south of Auckland City, a uniform also heads south to around $400. 


High decile schools are some-more costly – a arrogance seems to be true.

Regardless, Marcellin College mom of 4 Kulia Taumihau has found prices keep going adult during a decile 2 school, utterly a uniform. 

“I suspicion it was only a monogram we compensate for. But we theory it depends who they make deals with on who’s going to make a uniforms and discharge them.” She is down to her final teen left to fly a propagandize coop.

Marcellin’s $50 stationery cost is lilliputian by a $500 approaching to cover a normal cost of a mandatory netbook at decile 10 Samuel Marsden.

Selwyn College, decile 6, is in a center with $110 for a newbie stationery pack.

The sequence is reflected in intermediates and secondary: decile 1 Crawshaw School charged $30 and decile 2 Avalon Intermediate around $40 for stationery final year. Decile 6 Awatapu College in Palmerston North was upwards of $40 (around $200 for uniform). 

And a decile 10 Thorndon School tyro has about $70 value on their list.


Not surprisingly, relatives contend costs boost as kids get older.

Wellington mom of 3 school-aged children Louise Smith pronounced kids face a large burst between a stages of schooling.

“Definitely a change from primary to delegate is utterly big,” she said.

“It’s not unequivocally stationery, though really uniform and fees.” 

Her dual younger children attend St Brendan’s School Heretaunga, and her eldest goes to St Patrick’s College Silverstream. A uniform during a primary would cost around $120 any for her kids, and a teenager’s uniform cost during slightest $500.

“Everyone buys all outrageous of course, so hopefully they won’t have to buy too many more.”

Both schools had involuntary remuneration plans, she said, to assistance relatives with swelling a cost opposite a year.


Schools try to bulk buy and pass on assets to parents, so stationery is cheaper when shopping from a school, says schools keeper organisation boss Lorraine Kerr.

“Schools try to keep stationery costs as low as probable since a commencement of a year is customarily a tough time.”

Bring Your Own Device is adopted during many schools around a nation as a “necessary cost”, in sequence to keep adult with a 21st century.

Parents who onslaught should already be famous to a school, and be given solutions such as creation involuntary payments over time, she said.

“The priority for a propagandize is to make certain a kids start with all a apparatus they need.”

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