Cost of School Supplies Could Hit Families Hard This School Year, Survey Finds

July 29, 2015 - School Supplies

The rising cost of propagandize reserve for a 2015-16 propagandize year is approaching to heavily impact low-income families, according to a latest Backpack Index by Huntington Bank.

Huntington Bank expelled a annual Backpack Index on Jul 29, that shows poignant increases, in particular, for high propagandize tyro reserve and fees.

According to Huntington Bank, relatives can design to pay: backpackinfographic_web.jpg

• $649 for facile propagandize children, a 1 percent boost compared to 2014

• $941 for center propagandize children, a 2.5 percent burst compared to 2014

• $1,402 for high propagandize students, a 9 percent boost compared to 2014

If relatives have a child in elementary, middle, and high school, these costs would sum to $2,992. 

More than half (51 percent) of open propagandize students come from low-income families, according to The Southern Education Foundation’s investigate circular “A New Majority.”

Considering the federal misery level for a family of 5 sits during $28,410 per year, a cost of propagandize reserve would comment for about 10 percent of that income. That cost jumps to 12 percent for a singular primogenitor of 3 children earning during a misery turn of $24,250.

Supply and activity costs have “increased 85 percent for facile propagandize students, 78 percent for center propagandize students, and 57 percent for high propagandize students,” given a initial Backpack Index in 2007, according to a press release.

Huntington Bank equates a arise in high propagandize costs to college preparation. College prep reserve and tests supplement an additional $298.93 onto high propagandize costs. However, this usually includes one Advanced Placement test. If students select to take some-more than one test, a cost of any additional Advanced Placement exam is $91.

In addition, extra-curricular activities are some-more costly for high propagandize students. Sports appearance fees in center propagandize are $125. In high school, they turn pay-to-play fees costing relatives $200, on average.

Communities In Schools (CIS), a inhabitant castaway impediment organization, is operative with Huntington Bank to widespread a information to their affiliates, media, teachers, and to anyone who can present reserve for students. 

CIS Vice President of Communications Steve Majors pronounced it’s critical for people to know “some of those students competence need a small additional assistance being prepared on a initial day of school.”

CIS predicts these rising costs are going to emanate some-more problems for low-income families when shopping their children reserve to learn.

tips_supplies_social_media.jpgTo assistance families equivocate a blow, CIS has tips to equivalent costs. CIS recommends reusing supplies, comparing prices, and looking for donations.

“We work closely with and in open schools and see that many students can't means a trek or a list of reserve they need to learn,” pronounced CIS President Dan Cardinali, in a release. “While teachers and many propagandize districts do what they can to assistance students obtain supplies, we need to do more.”

The bank conducts a investigate in 6 of a states that they occupy: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. From these states, they acquire compulsory supply lists and activity fees. Huntington Bank selects “moderately labelled items” from online retailers to establish a costs.

CIS holds propagandize supply drives and partners with businesses to collect donations for students exposed to dropping out.

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