Community Support Doubles Handyman’s Fund To Help Single Moms Buy School Supplies

September 30, 2015 - School Supplies

Albert Dashevsky (Photo supposing by Albert Dashevsky)

Albert Dashevsky (Photo supposing by Albert Dashevsky)

Community support for a internal handyman — already famous for offering his services giveaway of charge — doubled a volume of income he was means to give 20 singular moms to assistance them buy propagandize reserve for their kids.

“I was intensely astounded by all a support,” pronounced Albert Dashevsky, a handyman who started a propagandize supply account for singular moms. “The greeting was some-more certain than we imagined. we theory good is contagious. we consider once somebody starts, it empowers other people to go ahead.”

As we reported progressing this month, Dashevsky affianced $1,000 to assistance 20 singular moms buy propagandize supplies. The bid was innate out of Dashevsky’s work gift handyman services for giveaway as a way to carrying on a tradition of gift and munificence of his father, who was murdered by a business partner 4 years ago.

After Dashevsky posted about his plan on amicable media, he pronounced a response was enormous. Approximately 70 singular mothers practical or were nominated by friends to accept a money.

However, many also offering their possess income for a cause. The contributions, that ranged from $50 to $250, doubled a pool of income and allowed Dashevsky to write checks for $100, instead of $50, to a singular mothers who were comparison by a raffle he conducted final week.

Dashevsky pronounced he even perceived contributions from some of a singular mother’s who asked him to work on their homes.

“They knew I don’t take income for my work but they review about how I’m contributing income and they said, ‘here’s $50, put it towards a pot.’ So we suspicion that was unequivocally cold how both things came together,” he said.

The checks went out final week and were accompanied by a minute explaining a story behind a project.

The minute sent to singular moms.

The minute sent to singular moms. (Photo: Albert Dashevsky)

Caroline Grasso was one of a mothers who perceived a check.

“I literally roughly could have cried since we was only unequivocally changed by how a foreigner did that,” she said. “I mean, he doesn’t know me and he only mailed me a $100 check out of nowhere. we can’t trust how implausible that is.”

Grasso, whose father upheld divided roughly 4 years ago from a singular bone cancer, pronounced she skeleton to widen a income out until christmas and use it to buy additional propagandize reserve and a winter cloak for her 8-year-old son. She pronounced she was so elegant of all a people who chipped in to assistance account Albert’s effort.

“It means a lot to know there are people out there who have magnetism and care for singular moms and who indeed donated. How many times do we hear people say, ‘Oh, I’ll present to that cause,’ though they never do?” she said.

Dashevsky pronounced that some-more than anything, he hoped his plan had speedy people to find others to assistance or to find assistance for themselves.

“I perceived so many stories from people and I can describe to these stories.  When we see a chairman on a street, they can be spiteful so most inside and on a outward we will never know. But they competence need assistance or they competence need somebody to pronounce to,” he said. “I was like that myself and this is one of a reasons because we do what we do. Because that’s how we was traffic with my father’s death.”

Radmila Faylayeva, another singular mom who perceived a check this week, pronounced a plan had easy her faith in humanity. She is lifting a 3-year-old child and a 7-year-old lady and pronounced her ex-husband provides small financial support. She reached out to Dashevsky after saying his Facebook post and told him about how she had depressed behind on lease this month after blank work due to illness.

“It is tough for singular mothers to get by. So for finish strangers to wish to assistance in any approach that they can, it was only mind floating to me. we was unequivocally elegant of it,” she said. “I unequivocally wish to appreciate Albert for all that he’s doing. we know that he’s doing this in memory of his Dad. I’m certain his Dad is smiling down during him and is unequivocally unapproachable of a male he’s become.”

Dashevsky still helps singular mothers out around a house. If you’d like to ask for his service, email him during

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