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September 15, 2015 - School Supplies

Albert Dashevsky (Photo supposing by Albert Dashevsky)

Albert Dashevsky (Photo supposing by Albert Dashevsky)

A internal handyman, famous for offering his services giveaway of charge, has affianced $1,000 to squeeze propagandize reserve for singular mothers. And his bid has desirous others to chip in their possess income to support a project.

In sequence to lift on a tradition of present and munificence of his father, Sam Levin, a successful businessman who was tragically murdered by a former associate in 2011, Albert Dashevsky began charity to assistance his neighbors do work around a residence for free. Word of Dashevsky’s services widespread on amicable media and shortly he began roving via southern Brooklyn to lend a palm to those in need.

Levin competence not have been Dashevsky’s biological father, but he was a loyal dad in each other way. Dashevsky pronounced he aspires to be a same “go-to” chairman for those in need as a approach to honor Levin’s memory.

“He was always giving, right adult until his death. He was donating a lot to synagogues and people in need. A lot of people would come to him for advice,” Dashevsky said. “Every singular time we go to somebody’s residence to help, it’s always in memory of him.”

Dashevsky with his father, Sam (Source: Albert Dashevsky)

Dashevsky with his father, Sam (Source: Albert Dashevsky)

Dashevsky, who calls himself a “tool junky” and is protected in confidence cameras, home theater, alarm systems and home renovation, was speedy by his uncle to use his talents to assistance others as a means of coping with his father’s death.

It was while operative in people’s homes, many of whom were singular mothers, that Dashevsky pronounced he was desirous to give even more. With a initial propagandize day on a horizon, he motionless to assistance singular mothers buy propagandize supplies.

“Most of a time while I’m working, there are kids around. And they are jumping around while I’m putting something together or personification with my collection or something. And once it got to September, there were a lot of conversations about propagandize removing closer. So this only stranded in my head,” he said.

Dashevsky primarily designed to minister $500, that would yield 10 singular moms with propagandize supplies. But after he posted his plan on amicable media, he pronounced a response was enormous, so he increasing a volume to $1,000 to assistance 20 singular moms. He pronounced messages have been pouring into his inbox. Many people have nominated their friends and others have affianced to assistance out with their possess money. Dashevsky pronounced he expects a sum pool could strech $1,500 when a winners are comparison in a raffle during a finish of a week.

“I unequivocally didn’t design so many people to email me. So I’m still reckoning things out. I’m substantially going to put a names in a shawl and collect people during random,” he said.

Marianna Stern, who lives in Bensonhurst, pronounced she nominated her best friend, Dina, who has been in between jobs and struggling to lift dual immature kids given her father and high propagandize swain upheld divided dual years ago. A year before he died, both his hermit and his best friend, who was a godfather of their son, upheld away, she said. And final month, Dina’s husband’s father died, withdrawal her 11-year-old son with few masculine total to demeanour adult to.

“She’s only had tragedy after tragedy and nonetheless her kids are still so amazing,” Stern pronounced of her friend. “And she’s still an confident person. She’s a kind of chairman who will go out of their approach for anybody.”

Stern, who pronounced she has never met Dashevsky and listened about a raffle on Facebook, explained that she hopes to warn her friend, if she wins, and so asked not to tell Dina’s final name.

“I wish we could assistance her myself though we don’t have a means,” Stern said.

Staten Island proprietor Polina Khazina, who has also never met Dashevsky in person, explained that she was desirous by his story. She affianced $200 towards his cause.

“I’ve always believed in profitable it brazen and we unequivocally favourite Albert’s bid and what he was doing for this community,” she said. “I unequivocally wish to see some-more people do a same thing. Once one chairman starts, afterwards another one starts, and afterwards it spreads like fire.”

Dashevsky pronounced he’s still determining either to endowment a winners with income or to buy them present cards for an bureau supply store.

If we would like to enter a raffle, commission a friend, or present money, email Albert Dashevsky during

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